REVEALED: Average driving distance for all male golfers will shock you!

You probably won't believe these latest driving figures, but apparently they are true... 

REVEALED: Average driving distance of all male golfers
REVEALED: Average driving distance of all male golfers

PGA Tour professionals like Bryson DeChambeau and Rory McIlroy might be crushing their drives over 350 yards on a regular basis these days, but the story reads much differently where male amateur golfers are concerned, according to new data observed by the USGA's Distance Insight Report. 

Statistician Lou Stagner of Decade Sports has crunched the new numbers in his latest tweet, and has declared that the average driving distance for all male golfers is 217 yards



This number is at least an improvement on the latest numbers we received from the last USGA report on driving distance three years ago, which saw the average distance for male amateur club golfers stand at 208 yards

Stagner's latest graph also reveals the distances across a range of handicaps. 



Those with a handicap above 21 average 190 yards off the tee, with those with handicaps from 13 to 20 hitting the ball 207 yards on average.

Then those with handicaps between 6 and 12 average 223 yards off the tee, with the better players at a 6 handicap or less averaging 245 yards off the tee. 

Remember, this is distance as well. Not carry. 



To put driving distance in the amateur game into perspective, the average for male golfers stood at 200 yards back in 1996, so if this current data is led to be believed, then the number has increased by 17 yards in 24 years. 

Judging by the last set of stats we received on average driving distance for female golfers, the average yardage stood at 146 for all lady golfers, with those with a handicap of 6 or better averaging 195 yards off the tee. 

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