Two UK golf clubs report cases of anti-social behaviour

Two golf courses, one in Scotland and one in England, have contacted the police due to cases of lighting fires and destruction of property.

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Wed, 28 Apr 2021
Two UK golf clubs report cases of anti-social behaviour

Two golf clubs in the United Kingdom have reported cases of anti-social behaviour in the last few days.

The Vale of Leven Golf Club in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland reported to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service that trees were set alight during last Friday evening.

"We know that all forms of antisocial behaviour can have a disruptive effect and frightening effect on local communities and we will act on any information we receive, which includes carrying out regular patrols of areas highlighted to us," said Chief Inspector Coleen Wylie.

"It goes without saying that deliberately setting fires is incredibly reckless and presents real risks to the public and emergency services responding to these incidents."

The club, which was founded by John McMeekin in 1907, alerted the emergency services at 7.24 pm last Friday evening before firefighters arrived at the scene to put the fires out. 

Rossendale Golf Club in Lancashire experienced vandalism last Saturday night when the toilets were broken into and severely damaged.

Police officers who arrived at the scene reported that the toilets were "completely ruined" and the whole block was flooded.



This news has followed many reports in the local news in Rossendale of young people participating in anti-social activities.

The police are continuing to patrol the area and have asked anyone who has any information on the incident to get in touch.

"Night entry has been gained to the toilets on Rossendale Golf Course and damage was caused to the toilet," said a spokesperson for Rossendale Police.

"Not only have they completely ruined the toilet, they also caused the whole block to be flooded."