Video of Donald Trump CHEATING used by popular golf rules page

A golf coach and rules expert revealed how many shots Donald Trump actually took in a video that shows him cheating.

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Wed, 10 Mar 2021
Video of Donald Trump CHEATING used by popular golf rules page

Donald Trump's love affair with golf often made headlines and usually for the wrong reasons and now an old clip of him cheating at the sport he loves so much has been used to help golfers understand the rules of golf a little more.

The Golf Rules Questions Instagram page is extremely popular for golfers, as it shows a range of scenarios that occur on the golf course - some unique, some common - and reveals the ruling that applies to each situation.

In one of the latest videos, a clip of Trump playing golf has been used where he is caught on camera cheating, but how many shots should it count for? Find out by taking a look at the post below...


Now of course Trump most likely put down a birdie for the hole, but here's how many shots he actually took on the green.

"Answer: One putt (1) + One putt at moving ball (2) + General penalty for making stroke at moving ball. Total (stroke play) = 4. Rule 10.1d" read the caption on the Golf Rules Questions page.

The video received comments from golf fans, some with follow up questions to the ruling and others took the opportunity to make some Trump jokes.

"4 strokes even after he demands a recount," said one golf fan.

"You would think he would be better considering he spent so much time golfing instead of being a president," said another.

An absolutely hilarious impression of Trump and his putting antics was posted on the Long Drivers Instagram page, which is definitely worth a watch.


R&A Rule 10.1

Playing Moving Ball

A player must not make a stroke at a moving ball:

- A ball in play is “moving” when it is not at rest on a spot.

- If a ball that has come to rest is wobbling (sometimes referred to as oscillating) but stays on or returns to its original spot, it is treated as being at rest and is not a moving ball.

Penalty for Breach of Rule 10.1: General Penalty.

In stroke play, a stroke made in breach of this Rule counts and the player gets two penalty strokes.

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