WATCH: This is EXACTLY what it's like when going on a "FUN" date to Topgolf

Topgolf is often a frequent dating hotspot for many girls and boys... but try telling that to a serious golfer!

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Sun, 16 Jan 2022
WATCH: This is EXACTLY what it's like when going on a "FUN" date to Topgolf

So you've swiped right on each other, talks have taken place and a contract is potentially on the cards. Much will depend on that all-important first or second date at Topgolf as to how far things really progress. 

In yet another funny video posted to Instagram, @thatsmyboyjacob reels off some of the most perfect one-liners that no doubt every boy and girl has heard when they've been on a Topgolf date with a serious golfer. 




Here's what Jacob has to say in the video.Many will be relatable to the serious golfers among you: 

"It's going to be so sick, erm technically you don't need a glove but it's going to make it a lot hard to grip it and rip it."

"Yeah I can definitely hit it out the back of the range, probably like a 6-iron honestly. 

"It's so weird, they must be putting something in the balls so they don't go as far. I mean usually hit it like 280. 

"Have you seen any bays with actual grass? I just hate hitting off mats."

"You're more over the top, we need you down here so you can drive down in there. There's actually a drill to fix that. We just need a 2 by 4 and a towel. 

"Still think golf isn't a real sport?! You stuck! Sorry, I'm just so sick of people saying this isn't a real sport. The mental toughness required is on another level. I'm sure you felt more nerves out there today than playing D1 Soccer."