Bookmaker opens market for Brooks Koepka vs Bryson DeChambeau BOXING MATCH have opened a number of markets concerning the feud between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau, including odds for a potential boxing bout.

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Sun, 30 May 2021
Bookmaker opens market for Brooks Koepka vs DeChambeau Bryson BOXING MATCH

An American bookmakers have opened a market for a potential boxing match between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau. clearly feel that a bout between the two golfers could be on the cards as a result of their antics in recent weeks and the words that they have exchanged on social media.

The markets have opened in favour of Koepka who is currently -150 in American odds, which translates as 1.67 in decimal odds.

This makes the four-time major champion the favourite for the potential fight, while DeChambeau can be found at odds of +110, which is the same as 2.1 in decimals odds, so just above evens.

It is highly unlikely that the two Americans will actually step into a ring, however much like the spat that has developed in the past week, it would provide great entertainment for golf fans. have also offered odds for who would win in an endurance race out of the pair, with both being offered at the same price of -120, which is 1.83 in decimals.



Also, an event we would definitely like to see, that have also offered a market for, is a hotdog eating contest and there are no surprises for guessing who is the favourite for this event. 

The 2020 US Open champion DeChambeau can be found at -200 which is significantly low odds, while Koepka is the outsider at +150, which is the same as 2.5.

Whether it is a boxing match, an endurance contest or a hotdog eating contest, I think we as fans would gladly watch any of them happen as the feud between two of golf's heavyweights continues.