Bryson DeChambeau responds to letter sent in by his BIGGEST YOUNG FAN

Bryson DeChambeau posts the junior golfer's letter onto his Instagram Story - and it's incredibly cute!

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Thu, 4 Nov 2021
Bryson DeChambeau responds to letter sent by his BIGGEST YOUNG FAN

In between bashing balls over 400 yards during his off-season break from PGA Tour action, big-hitting Bryson DeChambeau has been answering some of his fan mail.

On Thursday evening, DeChambeau posted one particular letter sent in to him from his biggest young fan called Rockford to his Instagram Story... and it is a letter that will melt your heart. 

DeChambeau signed the letter and then captioned his Instagram Story post with: "Love My Young Fans!"

Check out the letter below

The letter read as follows: 

Dear Bryson

Hello! My name is Rockford. I am 8 years old, turning 9 in November. I am writing you from Eagle Elementry in Brownsburg IN. Me and my dad are big fans of you. You are really fun to watch on TV. I get really excited when you tee up the ball. You are really good at golf. You did awesome at the BMW Championship. We watched you all weekend. 

How do you hit the ball so hard? Like on the 16th hole on the BMW tournament where it was a par 4 and there was water on the right and you blasted the ball! My dream is to come to one of your matches in person. I golf too! You inspire me to keep practicing my game. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my letter. I wish you well for your upcoming tournaments! I can't wait to hear from you!

Your biggest fan, 

Rockford Brovont 

What a fantastic little letter, Rockford. 

We are fairly certain Bryson will be responding to you soon... and it certainly looks like a signature will be heading your way!