Disgusted Jon Rahm bins 35-footer after yelling: "F*** off! You piece of s***!"

Hot mics picked up multiple F-bombs from Jon Rahm during the opening round of the PGA Tour's Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill.

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Thu, 2 Mar 2023
Disgusted Jon Rahm bins 35-footer after yelling: "F*** off! You piece of s***!"

Jon Rahm let the F-bombs fly during the opening round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill. 

If there's one thing we know about the Spaniard it's that he absolutely does not lack any passion whatsoever.  

And sometimes, that passion spills over and Rahm simply cannot control himself. Anger consumes him and the result? Cover your ears, kids!

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Lest we forget the time the hot mics picked up one of the funniest expletive-laden rants ever from Rahm during the 2022 American Express.

Rahm marched off the green and blasted: "Piece of s**t, f***ing setup, putting contest week, Jesus Christ".

The Spanish World No. 1 laughed it off when he returned to PGA National earlier this and year ticked off his second PGA Tour victory of 2023.

"I'm glad I won the putting contest this year," Rahm joked. This latest outburst shows just how maddening the game truly is. 

It came on No. 15, a par-4 measuring at 463 yards. Rahm went way, way left off the tee using his Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond

He was forced to get one back into play and only advanced his ball 48 yards down the fairway. 

It left him the difficult task of trying to get up-and-down to save his par from 140 yards. 

Things don't seem to be very difficult for Jon Rahm in 2023. He's got five wins in nine worldwide starts. 

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Surely this was just a matter of routine? Rahm wasn't happy with his third shot. Not happy at all. Not one bit. 

And he let us know. He blasted:

"F*** off, you piece of s***! Stay on the green!" 

Sky Sports' Nick Dougherty apologised to the viewers for Rahm's potty mouth. 

Watch the moment here:

Yeah, he wasn't a happy bunny. But he managed to save his par from 35 feet. 


Rahm later signed for an opening round of 7-under 65 to continue his glorious start to the year. 

"I wish I could"

Rahm has previously spoken of his attempts to keep his anger to himself.

A 23-year-old Jon Rahm told Golf Channel: 

"I know golfers are supposed to internalize everything, and I wish I could. Every time I try to keep it to myself, just imagine a Coca-Cola bottle. If you shake it once, then it comes down. But once you open it, it's a complete mess, and that’s what happens if I try to keep it down. If I try to keep it down, at some point, I’m going to miss a shot that’s not that bad, and I’m going to lose it. Sometimes, I need to get mad."

What do you think of Rahm's angry act? Is it getting old? Do you care? Tweet us your thoughts. 

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