Golf fans react to PGA Tour throwback video of Tiger Woods' in-and-out shot

This time last year at the Farmers Insurance Open, Tiger Woods landed his ball in the hole from the fairway, but too much spin caused it to jump back out.

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Thu, 28 Jan 2021
Golf fans react to PGA Tour throwback video of Tiger Woods' in-and-out shot

Golf fans have reacted to a throwback video posted by the PGA Tour on Twitter, rewinding to this time last year when Tiger Woods seemed to have holed out from the fairway at the Farmers Insurance Open, only for his ball to somehow spin back out again.

The Farmers Insurance Open is usually the first stop for Woods on the PGA Tour every year, but due to recently undergoing a fifth back surgery, Torrey Pines will have to wait until the US Open to see the 15-time major champion in action again.

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Although Woods won't be making an appearance at the Farmers Insurance Open this year, the PGA Tour decided to remind golf fans about Woods' incredible shot at last year's tournament.

Woods finished T9 at Torrey Pines last year, but his position would have been even better had this incredible wedge shot not span back out the hole after sending it into the cup from the middle of the fairway.


Golf fans flooded the comments section in reaction to the throwback video, so check out some of our favourite responses below.

"Should count as a hole out. Just like in football. If all of the ball dips below the lid of the hole, it went in and then back out. #holelinetechnology," said one golf fan.

"There are two possible reasons: A frog in the hole or way too much spin."

"Could have beent Bugs Bunny fault? I hear he was looking for LeBron James for SJ2."

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