Golf fans TEAR into tearful Michael Block after wild Rory McIlroy claim

Club professional Michael Block unfortunately saw the internet turn on him Thursday after he made bold claims regarding Rory McIlroy. 

Golf fans TEAR into tearful Michael Block after wild Rory McIlroy claim
Golf fans TEAR into tearful Michael Block after wild Rory McIlroy claim

The Internet officially turned against Michael Block thanks to his sensational quote about Rory McIlroy's length.

That claim? If he had McIlroy's length then he would shoot a 'stupid score'. 

After he made that wild comment, he followed it up with a horrible opening round at the Charles Schwab Challenge.

The 46-year-old was reduced to tears as a result, but some golf fans still let him have it

'Drunk' McIlroy to Greg Norman: "Leave Blocky alone!"

Block, a 'club' pro out of California, was the headlining story of the season's second major as he finished tied for 15th at the PGA Championship

During Sunday's final round at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York, Block played with McIlroy, making a slam-dunk ace for the ages. 

His incredible story bled into this week on the PGA Tour, where Block was given a last-minute invite to the Charles Schwab Challenge.

While the initial comments didn't appear to sit well with golf fans online, it was only made worse when Block followed his comments up with an 11-over par 81 during Thursday's first round of the PGA Tour event. 

"It is what it is," Block told reporters after his tough round at Colonial, adding:

"I'm going to live with it. I thought it was going to happen that third or fourth round last week at Oak Hill, and it never happened. It happened now, and I wasn't surprised by it, to tell you the truth.
"The experience I had that last week was next level. So today, coming out here and not having my game at all and having a lot of bad luck or whatever you might call it, just call it golf."

Block then, quite understandably, began to get emotional, saying:

"It is what it is. At the same time, I sat there, and I thought about it, and I said, I'm going to see my boys tomorrow night."

Despite the tears, some golf fans let rip. 

Here are some of the responses to the PGA Tour's clip of Block speaking about his day:

"Yeah I'm over it"
"I've shot 58 before…' Mike, we love ya but, stop with the hyperboles and dreams. Just go enjoy the experience tomorrow."
"He was SO likable until he declared that he would be the best player in the world if he could hit it farther. Ugh. Today he ate a little humble pie. His 15 minutes seem to be up. Nice showing but it's over"
"I love that the PGA is using him as a distraction from a LIV player winning the PGA Championship"
"When be mentioned his bad luck was he referring to the ball he hit into the water that bounced back out into play? Or the ball he hit that rolled onto the bridge over the penalty area instead of into it? Or the bounce off a tree back into the fairway? Just asking"
"And this is why he isn't a PGA Tour pro. Wrong attitude to have. I'm going to go out and try to shoot a really low score tomorrow and make the cut. Get to the weekend. That is the attitude of professional athletes."
"I thought if he had Rory's length he would be a top golfer"

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