Living and training like a young Tiger Woods for 24 hours

We put Tiger Woods' old training routine to the test for 24 hours and it's safe to say, we won't ever be doing it again!

Living and training like a young Tiger Woods for 24 hours
Living and training like a young Tiger Woods for 24 hours

When Tiger Woods first started playing on the PGA Tour, he had one of the most intense training programmes you will ever see and many people believe it is what led to his injury problems further down the line.

Take a look at Woods' daily, yes daily, routine below:

6:30am - Cardio workout (running, sprints or cycle)
7:30am - Lower body weight training
8:30am - High protein breakfast
9:00am - Practice at golf course
11:00am - Putting practice
12:00pm - Play 9 holes
1:30pm - High protein lunch
2:00pm - More practice at golf course
6:30pm - Upper body weight training
7:00pm - High protein dinner and rest

As you can see, Woods was getting a lot done every day and you can see why some people think it's taken a toll on his body, but then again it has also led to 15 major championship. Swings and roundabouts I guess...

We wanted to see just how difficult this routine is and how it feels on the body. Now considering it had just been Christmas and we were all feeling lazy and out of shape, we decided to let our equipment editor Alex take this one on his own.


As you can see, living like Woods for 24 hours certainly took its toll on Alex, so think about what it feels like to complete that routine every single day.

Alex's body was feeling pretty sore the following morning and his love for golf took a hit, as he hasn't picked up a golf club since making this video. 

We think that there's no way Woods enjoyed training this hard and this much, but knowing that he was outworking everyone else on the PGA Tour kept his motivation at an all-time high.

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