PGA Tour's Mark Hubbard THROWN OUT after adding 15th golf club to bag!

Mark Hubbard was disqualified from the second round of the Houston Open due to a violation of Rule 4.1c. 

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Fri, 11 Nov 2022
OUTRAGE! PGA Tour pro Mark Hubbard DQ'd after adding a 15th golf club to bag!

PGA Tour pro Mark Hubbard was disqualified after the second round of the Cadence Bank Houston Open as a result of "knowingly" adding a 15th golf club to his bag at the turn. 

Hubbard, who has just one Korn Ferry Tour title to his name in 2019, is said to have used the extra club several times on the back nine without declaring it out of play.

Under the Rules of Golf, you are only allowed to carry 14 golf clubs in your bag, and as a result, Hubbard broke Rule 4.1c

PGA Tour Communications' Twitter page confirmed Hubbard's DQ: 

"Mark Hubbard is a DQ after the second round of the Cadence Bank Houston Open due to a violation of Rule 4.1c," tweeted the PGA Tour Communication page.

"Hubbard knowingly added a 15th club at the turn and used the club several times without declaring it out of play."

Hubbard opened with a 75 on Thursday and then added a 74 on Friday, only to be booted out of the tournament for breaking the rules of golf. 

According to Barstool Sports' golf report Dan Rapaport, the PGA Tour pro went "full YOLO". 

Rapaport tweeted: "From a tour official: He said he started with a Callaway driver that wasn’t spinning enough….missing a lot of fairways.

"So, thinking it would be a 2-stroke penalty for each use of a different driver, he 'knowingly' switched to a PING driver at the turn. My man went full YOLO."

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Here's a look at Rule 4.1c on the USGA website: 

c. Procedure for Taking Clubs Out of Play

(1) During Round. When a player becomes aware during a round that he or she is in breach of Rule 4.1b(1), (2) or (3) for having more than 14 clubs or for making a stroke with another player’s club, the player must immediately take an action that clearly indicates each club that is being taken out of play.

This may be done either by:

  • Declaring this to the opponent in match play or the marker or another player in the group in stroke play, or

  • Taking some other clear action (such as turning the club upside down in the bag, placing it on the floor of the golf cart or giving the club to another person).

The player must not make a stroke for the rest of the round with any club taken out of play.

If a club taken out of play is another player’s club, that other player may continue to use the club.

Penalty for Breach of Rule 4.1c(1): Disqualification.

(2) Before Round. If a player becomes aware shortly before starting a round that he or she accidentally has more than 14 clubs, the player should try to leave the excess club or clubs behind.

But as an option without penalty:

  • The player may take any such excess clubs out of play before the start of the round, using the procedure in (1), and 

  • The excess clubs may be kept by the player (but must not be used) during the round, and they do not count towards the 14-club limit.

If a player deliberately brings more than 14 clubs to his or her first teeing area and starts the round without leaving the excess clubs behind, this option is not allowed and Rule 4.1b(1) applies.

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