Pictures: PGA Tour superstar sells pad for $3.5m, splashes out $10m on upgrade!

This PGA Tour superstar has spent $10m on an upgrade to live near Tiger Woods. 

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Fri, 28 Apr 2023
Pictures: PGA Tour superstar sells pad for $3.5m, splashes out $10m on upgrade!

As far as humble brags go, this one is pretty special from PGA Tour superstar Justin Thomas

We already know that JT lives a life one would tentatively suggest is full of luxury. 

Private jets? Tick. More money than you could ever dream of? Yep. A beautiful wife? Absolutely.  

Why we are talking about the two-time major champ is because the golfer has sold his 'starter home'. 

That term, in itself, is pretty damn hilarious given that most of us wouldn't use those words to describe this pad.

Per Realtor, it is a 5,345 square foot property that boasts four bedrooms and five bathrooms.

That's not all, it also features an outdoor barbecue area with a bar, a swimming pool, spa and a games room. Oh, and an indoor gym.  

If you didn't know, JT bought it for $1.48m not too long after he earned his first PGA Tour victory way back in 2016. 

He lives in Florida, a stone's throw from his best pal, big brother and apparently king of banter Tiger Woods

See pictures here:

Credit: Realtor

Thomas upgraded to a larger property in the same area shortly after winning his second PGA Championship at Southern Hills. 

He apparently spent $13.5m on his new home.

That is likely a fraction of his net worth given that - at the time of writing - he has accumulated more than $53m in PGA Tour prize money.

JT also sold his starter home for $3.5m, so life ain't too shabby. 




The news that Thomas has sold his home comes in the same week that he reflected on his career so far. 

He's turning 30 years old and in an interview with Golf he said he wasn't satisfied with his achievements, adding:

"When it comes to accomplishments at that age, I mean, you only get one chance. It's not like I'll have another chance in a couple years to get a certain amount of wins before I turn 30. Obviously, a lot of people would take my career, but I don't know. I'm not that pleased with it."

Thomas, who has won 15 titles, told the publication he wanted double that. He's won two majors, but wants at least five. 

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