Report: Tiger Woods argues he never sexually assaulted 'jilted ex' Erica Herman

Attorneys representing Tiger Woods have stated his former partner Erica Herman is a 'jilted ex-girlfriend' in the latest court documents. 

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Mon, 13 Mar 2023
Report: Tiger Woods argues he never sexually assaulted 'jilted ex' Erica Herman

Attorneys for Tiger Woods have claimed Erica Herman is a 'jilted ex-girlfriend' who wants to litigate 'specious claims' in public as the 15-time champion argued his former lover has never accused him of sexual assault or sexual harassment. 

Herman, 38, is suing a trust Woods owns alleging that he tricked her into leaving the legendary golfer's luxury pad in Jupiter, Florida on the pretence of a holiday only for her to be told she had been locked out once she arrived at the airport.

Lawyers for Herman argue she is owed $30m due to the way she was evicted 'by trickery'. 

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She also claims that $40,000 of her money was "misappropriated", adding that representatives of the Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust then made "scurrilous and defamatory allegations about how she obtained the money".

Herman, who previously managed the golfer's restaurant, The Woods Jupiter, claimed she had a verbal agreement with the former World No.1 that allowed her to live there for 11 years. 

DailyMail have obtained fresh court filings from the 19th Judicial Circuit Court in Martin County, Florida. 

Woods' attorneys have filed a motion for an order to compel an arbitration over the matter and avoid being overseen by the courts. 

The latest filings reportedly state Herman ticked the 'No' box for the question: 'Does this case involve allegations of sexual abuse?" 

The filings reportedly state:

"She [Herman] has never asserted any claims for sexual assault or sexual harassment, does not do so in this landlord-tenant action, and, if she is truthful, can never do so. 
"Ms. Herman's bare reference to the statute, without any allegations to support its application to the facts of this case, is insufficient to relieve Ms. Herman from her contractual obligation to arbitrate.
"Rather, it is a transparent abuse of the judicial process that undermines the purpose of the federal statute and those whom the statute seeks to protect. 
"Accordingly, Defendant requests that this Court (i) review the allegations in Ms. Herman's self-titled Complaint For Violation Of Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act, (ii) determine that this action is not 'a case which is filed under Federal, Tribal, or State law and relates to [a] sexual assault dispute or [a] sexual harassment dispute"; and (iii) order the parties to arbitrate the claims asserted in this action.'" 

The Mail report that the documents describe Herman as a 'jilted ex-girlfriend'. 

The documents add:

"Ms. Herman is a not a victim of sexual assault or abuse sought to be protected by Congress when enacting the statute. Rather, Ms. Herman is a jilted ex-girlfriend who wants to publicly litigate specious claims in court, rather than honor her commitment to arbitrate disputes in a confidential arbitration proceeding."

Woods disputes the claims made, arguing he even offered her a luxury hotel stay after the split as she sought a new place to live

The couple were together for six years. She was said to have struck up a good relationship with Woods' children Samantha Woods and Charlie Woods

Herman was by Woods' side in the hospital as he recovered from his February 2021 car crash. 

This dispute over her tenancy is separate to the action Herman has brought against Woods over a non-disclosure agreement she signed in 2017

Herman wants that nullified. 

That civil lawsuit argues Herman's agreement with Woods is "invalid and unenforceable" due to the 2022 Speak Out Act.

The act limits the enforceability of NDAs in cases of sexual assault or harassment.

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