Tiger Woods raises questions as responds to SHOCKING leaked PGA Tour document

Tiger Woods takes to Twitter to respond to PGA Tour's controversial leaked document surrounding LIV Golf and Saudi Arabia. 

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Mon, 3 Jul 2023
Tiger Woods raises questions as responds to SHOCKING leaked PGA Tour document

Tiger Woods has confirmed he had 'never seen' the controversial leaked PGA Tour document that was posted on social media over the weekend. 

Woods, 47, also admits he 'did not attend the players meeting for which the document was prepared at the 2022 Travelers'. 

According to a leaked document that was tweeted out by @desertdufferLLG over the weekend, PGA Tour bosses had planned for Woods to give a rousing speech to the membership before the 2022 Travelers Championship, urging them to 'tell the Saudis to go F themselves and mean it'.

But Woods took to Twitter late Sunday night to explain this was the first time he had ever seen such a document with plans laid out for him to follow a scripted speech to the rest of his peers on the PGA Tour. 

Interestingly, these are also Woods' first comments about the PGA Tour following its recent shock merger with Saudi PIF, which bankrolls LIV Golf

Woods, who is currently sidelined from PGA Tour action as he recovers from ankle surgery, tweeted: 

"In response to the talking points memo released this weekend, I have never seen this document until today, and I did not attend the players meeting for which it was prepared at the 2022 Travelers."

Some of the lines Woods was supposed to mutter per the leaked document are absolutely hilarious. 

It was planned for Woods to big up PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan, suggesting he was the right man for the war. "Our captain is working his ass off," Woods was going to say.  

Probably the best line came in the form of Woods telling the Tour membership what they can do to fend off LIV Golf

Woods was planned to say: 

"First, do what I did: tell the Saudis to go F themselves. And mean it." 

There are other little nuggets in there that are equally amusing. 

The 15-time major champion was even told to bring up his son Charlie Woods.

See the leaked document here: 

It remains to be seen what else comes from this leaked document. 

We're fairly certain Woods' tweet won't be the last on the subject. 

Monahan has currently stepped away from his duties as PGA Tour commissioner due to an unspecified health issue.

One PGA Tour pro has urged the under-fire boss to let the membership know if he can return to work soon amid the PGA Tour's deal with LIV Golf.

What do you make of this leaked document? What do you make of Woods' tweet? What does the future hold for the PGA Tour boss Jay Monahan? Share your thoughts and comments over on the GolfMagic social media channels.

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