Tiger Woods: "Do what I did: tell the Saudis to go F themselves. And mean it"

According to a leaked document, Tiger Woods was going to be drafted in to give an expletive-laden speech as the PGA Tour grappled with LIV Golf last June.

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Sun, 2 Jul 2023
Tiger Woods: "Do what I did: tell the Saudis to go F themselves. And mean it"

PGA Tour bosses planned for Tiger Woods to give a rousing speech to the membership before the 2022 Travelers Championship at the height of their battle with LIV Golf, urging players to 'tell the Saudis to go F themselves and mean it', according to a leaked document. 

Cast your mind back to last June and the world of men's professional golf was a bit chaotic as the PGA Tour grappled with LIV Golf

In that month the PGA Tour played the annual Travelers Championship at TPC River Highlands. 


PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan may well look back at the news conference he gave and cringe. 

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During that presser, Monahan stated: "If this is an arms race and if the only weapons here are dollar bills, the PGA Tour can't compete." 

Of course, he was referencing Saudi Arabia's vast Public Investment Fund which had already lured the likes of Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau from the PGA Tour. 

Despite admitting the North American circuit couldn't compete financially, Monahan was resolute in stating the Tour would continue with their values as their 'North star'. 

His words came a little more than 24 hours after a players' meeting was held in which he addressed a concerned membership. 

Monahan said of that meeting:

"We had approximately a hundred members there, a hundred loyal, committed PGA Tour members, great energy in the room, and I think to listen, to hear our players respond to some of the changes that we're contemplating, changes that we initiated at a policy board meeting late yesterday afternoon, was exciting."

Why we are talking about this is because @desertdufferLLG claims to have a copy of some remarks Monahan said/was supposed to say during that meeting. 

We have to stress that this document is not verified. But that didn't stop some golf fans from enjoying it nonetheless. 


Because it appears to suggest Woods was supposed to be drafted in to speak at that meeting and give a scripted speech. 

Some of the lines Woods was supposed to mutter are absolutely hilarious. 

It was planned for Woods to big up Monahan, suggesting he was the right man for the war. "Our captain is working his ass off," Woods was going to say.  

Probably the best line came in the form of Woods telling the Tour membership what they can do to fend off LIV Golf

Woods was planned to say: 

"First, do what I did: tell the Saudis to go F themselves. And mean it." 

There are other little nuggets in there that are equally amusing. 

See here:

Woods is still yet to comment publicly on the PGA Tour's 'framework agreement' with Saudi Arabia's PIF. 

His silence is deafening, some have argued.

Woods has been one of LIV's harshest critics. He questioned the players' incentive to 'go out and earn it' in his press conference before the 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews. 

Elsewhere, Woods' agent Mark Steinberg also immediately dropped Thomas Pieters as a client when the Belgian signed a $10m deal with the rival league. 

And according to DeChambeau, Woods cut off all communication after the big hitter also penned a multi-year contract with LIV. 

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