Tour pro DISQUALIFIED from Korn Ferry Tour finals event

Report: Korn Ferry Tour pro Curtis Luck was disqualified from the Albertsons Boise Open presented by Chevron at Hillcrest Country Club.

Tour pro DISQUALIFIED from Korn Ferry Tour finals event

Curtis Luck revealed he was disqualified from the Korn Ferry Tour Finals event for missing his tee time. 

Luck confirmed to Golf Digest that he wasn't dealing with airline issues or stuck in traffic. 

He just completely mis-read the time he was supposed to begin his first round at the Albertsons Boise Open. 

The tour pro -  as pointed out @acaseofthegolf1 - was actually on the range and didn't even realise he was late. 

He nonchalantly walked to the first tee but was actually an agonising 10 seconds past the 5-minute discretionary time allowed. 

In a statement, the Korn Ferry Tour wrote:

"Curtis Luck missed his first-round tee time (7:45 a.m.) and did not arrive within the five additional minutes allotted under Rule. 5.3a, and was subsequently disqualified. Luck did not meet any of the three exceptions within Rule 5.3a"

Luck told GD:

"I just flat-out misread my tee time. I thought I was off at 7:55 a.m. and I was just on the range finishing my warm-up. I actually started walking to the tee at 7:46 a.m."

The disqualification will have undoubtedly hurt more given it was the finals. 

Consisting of four tournaments, competitors at the Korn Ferry Tour finals can secure their 2024 status as well as advance to the PGA Tour if they play well enough. 

The top 75 players are guaranteed Korn Ferry Tour status after the penultimate event. 

At the Korn Ferry Tour Championship 30 players are awarded PGA Tour membership. 

Luck stood at No. 59 in the rankings before he was booted out of the tournament. 

Despite more than likely being a tad irritated, Luck said he will just 'press on'. 

Luck isn't the only player to have been DQ'd this season on the tour for what could be described as a silly reason. 

Zach Williams was disqualified during his maiden event in July for using a range finder

At the time, Williams said: 

"For some reason I thought they had changed the rule already on the KFT. Plus they allow in literally all other pro events besides KFT and PGA. Bottom line, I should have known, and its completely on me. Hard to swallow but you have to. I'll be back in no time."

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