WATCH: PGA Tour boss labelled 'pitiful clown' for awkward LIV Golf answer

"This will be studied for years to come."

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Thu, 8 Jun 2023
WATCH: PGA Tour boss labelled 'pitiful clown' for awkward LIV Golf answer

Jay Monahan was accused by golf fans of responding pitifully when he struggled to answer an obvious question following the sensational decision to bring the PGA Tour and LIV Golf together. 

We're sure you don't need reminding of the moment - almost a year ago - where Monahan joined the broadcast of the Canadian Open to blast the defectors and those who were thinking about leaving the PGA Tour for their Saudi-backed rival. 

"When was the last time you had to apologise for being a member of the PGA Tour," the PGA Tour chief told Jim Nantz in a segment that was seen by some as an attempt by Monahan to emotionally blackmail elite professional golfers.

How times have changed and Monahan is now facing calls to resign. Rory McIlroy has said Monahan still has his backing despite conceding that he feels like a 'sacrificial lamb' after the incredible U-turn. 

Monahan was asked for his reaction to the 9/11 Families United by saying they felt 'betrayed'. 

His response was - in this writer's opinion - absolutely extraordinary. 

Here is the clip:

And this is what some golf fans had to say:

"This clown literally used the 9/11 Families to get points against LIV Golf and then threw them under the bus the second the Saudis backed up the brinks truck. F this clown."
"The fact he wasn't prepared for the obvious question is mind blowing. This is gonna get worse for the PGA especially as the LIV boys are in a 'F all ya'll!' cocky mood as exhibited by Bryson last night."
"You don't have to fish for words if you just tell the truth. Money speaks louder than principles. Just say it clown."
"It's absolutely mind blowing that he didn't have a prepared answer for this question.
"This is why you bring your comms person into the circle of trust 72 hours earlier than you think you should. No way his team didn't know he would be asked this question. They just didn't have time to prep."

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"He's got no answer to the question. That's where his huge mistake was—taking such a hardline/moral stance on a business issue. When you do that you tie your hands. Go back on it and you look like a massive hypocrite. They got some businessmen in the room and everything changed."
"Struggling to wrap my head around just how pitiful this was, even by Jay standards. Setting aside any strategy/moves/deals, just looking at PR perspective: this is disastrous. There will be case studies written about how bad the tour's crisis comms have been over the last three years."
"Jay mate, those families aren't angry with you because of poor comms. I would ask how this bloke got where he did but presumably the answer is by shafting people. It works, sadly."
"Jay Monahan poorly communicating how bad he is at communication. Tough look. Can't put Rory and Tiger out front any more. Get ready for more cringeworthy responses, this is all just starting."

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