Here are some of the most expensive putters in the world right now...

GoldenPutter First Lady Special Edition

Brand: GoldenPutter
Putter: First Lady Special Edition (Diamond)
Design: Blade
Price: £95,000
Loft: 3-degree
Lie: 71-degree
Head Weight: 340g
Website: Golden Putter

Each GoldenPutter is custom made in Germany with a 5 micrometer thick coating of 24 carat gold on the shaft. Additionally, the costly club comes in a case made of cherry wood. Buyers may also have a personal engraving on the shaft or a gold plate on the putter inlay.

The First Lady Special Edition takes the GoldenPutter concept to the next level. While it retains the golden shaft, the leather grip is a bright pink. That’s not the only difference, though. The head also features crystal inlays.

While that version costs little more than a £2,000, the most expensive GoldenPutter is the £95,000 diamond version of the First Lady Special Edition.

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