Penta TP5

Andy Roberts
Tue, 12 Jun 2012
Penta TP5

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Extreme distance on drives; soft feel around greens; 28% lower compression core; Progressive Velocity Design
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PRICE: £44.99 YEAR: from 2012

While you will regularly find a gold sleeve of Titleist balls in my zip pocket, I was more than happy to tee up the new TaylorMade Penta TP5 in the drizzly conditions at the weekend.

And if one round is anything to go by, they’ll be in the bag for the rest of the season following a more-than-pleasing round of 70. 

TaylorMade has once again raised the bar in terms of golf ball innovation from its original TP – launched two years ago.

Spurred on in the knowledge the Penta TP5 has been created for TaylorMade’s Tour pros, including the likes of Jason Day, Justin Rose and Dustin Johnson, I opened up the shoulders on the tee and gave the ball a good rip.

While it took me a few holes to get used to playing with new dimples, I quickly found my rhythm and was gaining superior distance off the tee due to the lower driver spin, as well as exceptional feel around the greens.

One of the main reasons for this is that the TP5 provides a 28% lower compression core that when combined with the brand’s unique Progressive Velocity Design, offers up more distance and a softer feel.

Despite playing in the wind and rain, the ball was superb at holding its line and I also liked the ball’s feel off my putter face in the wet conditions. 

While distance balls often feel like rocks on the green, and spin balls feel like giant marshmallows, the TP5 had the correct balance and felt just right with the ball’s five piece construction layer.

Each layer has been specifically designed by TaylorMade for the five essential shot types on the course to improve your scoring.

The extra soft urethane cover promotes higher than average spin on wedge shots from around 30 yards, while the firm and fast outer mantle promotes short iron spin.

Then you the semi-firm middle mantle for mid-launch and mid-spin from the mid-irons to give you optimum control and distance; the soft inner mantle for high launch and high spin from long irons; and the small low compression core for driver distance, as mentioned before.

The only downside to the TP5 was its durability. I noticed some wear and tear on the ball at the end of my round but it was probably more down to some errant ball striking coming home and the fact I used one set of dimples the whole way round!


The Penta TP5 (RRP £49.99 per dozen) promotes explosive distance off the tee and imparts high launch and low spin with the longer irons for a high, soft-landing flight.

The ball also uses Progressive Velocity Technology so that each layer in the ball is activated regardless of swing speed, giving every golfer, no matter what your standard, Tour level performance, feel and spin. 

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