Become a winner with Never Compromise

Win a Never Compromise putter, and hit 21 putts per round. Maybe?

Tue, 25 Sep 2001
Become a winner with Never Compromise

The Technology


by Never Compromise engineers, Gray Matter is the ultra-lightweight polymer composite center section of Never Compromise's Z I Series putters. At only 30 grams, it constitutes only 10% of the putterhead's total weight, forcing 90% of the putter's weight to the heel and toe. (For comparison, the equivalent center section of a traditional heel-toe weighted blade-style putter weighs approximately 140 grams; the center section of insert putters weighs about 100 grams.)

With 90% of the putterhead's weight in the heel and toe, Never Compromise putters resist twisting on off-center hits for accuracy, better feel and superior distance control.

For more on the Never Comprimise technology, check out the technology part of the Never Compromise website. (

The Putters

Never Compromise could be the next evolution in putter technology, and is the fastest-growing putter on tour. As you have already read, the ultra-lightweight polymer composite midsection called Gray Matter pushes 90% of the weight to the heel and toe. What does that do? It makes a Never Compromise putter more forgiving on off-center hits for ultimate accuracy and distance control.

The range of Never Compromise putters are named after letters of the greek alphabet. Ranging from Alpha through to Sigma, the putters vary in shape and size, so there's bound to be one to suit.

Alpha2: Small mallet with double bend shaft
Kappa: Face balanced blade style with a singel bend shaft
Omega: Medium size centre shafted mallet

To see the full range that Never Comprimise have to offer, check out the putters part of the Never Compromise website. (

The Tour

Never Compromise Victories Continue to Mount With 71 Wins Worldwide in Just Under Three Years! That impressive number includes several majors on the Senior Tour and the LPGA Tour, as well as such leading PGA Tours stops as the 2000 Nissan L.A. Open, the 2000 FedEx St. Jude Classic and the 2000 Sprint International.

Pros using Never Compromise putters have also fared well overseas, winning tournaments and setting records in several countries. In october of 2000, Jean Van de Velde set the record for the most consecutive one-putts on the European Tour at the Linde German Masters. On Friday of the tournament, Van de Veld one-putted his first 12 holes en route to a 64 that included 9 birdies. Van de Velde also tied the European record for the fewest putts in a single round, with an amazingly low 21 total putts.

Van de Velde already holds the all-time record for the fewest putts ever in a British Open tournament (101), earning him the reputation as one of the best putters in profesional golf.

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