Dream no longer...

Your dreams will come true with this modern day classic.

Omar Saeed
Tue, 10 Oct 2000
Dream no longer...

Mizuno Dare-to-Dream model Y-304 Pro Spec

Well what can I say? It has taken me over a year, but I've done it! I have finally got hold of one of the most sought after putters on the market.
The Mizuno Tour Style putter was originally released for tour players only and is only available to the general public if custom ordered.

Dream no longer...
Smooth, solid, quality and a classic
Dream no longer...

The putters come in three head shapes, among them, a classic Ping Anser style and classic blade.
The Anser style head has two different neck lengths, while the blade (the putter I chose) has a long neck with half shaft offset.

It's a one piece forging as you would expect from such a high class company like Mizuno. They are world renowned for their forging process on their irons and they have used the Grain-Flow Forging process to good effect on this putter and the face is milled to tour specifications.

The feedback when you strike the ball is soft but solid and if you hit it out of the sweet spot, the feeling is like a hot knife through butter.

The putter doesn't come with any gizmos or gadgets, there is no sight line, no insert and no unnecessary cosmetics other than the white paint on the inside of the neck, which I've removed, take note Mizuno! (I have just been informed that Mizuno have taken note...the white paint is coming off very soon!!! Ed.)

From above, the putter head looks compact and has very clean lines. This will appeal to the purist and those who have a confident putting stroke.

The overall build quality, feel and results are up there with Titleist's Scotty Cameron putters.
However, the only gripe I have with Mizuno (not the putter) is that they have done a poor job in marketing this product. Unless your a golf pro, or mad keen golfer, you will never have heard of it! Which is a shame becuase it's such a fantastic product.

Sort it out Mizuno!!!