Member review: Black Cat MTW

Nick Mannerings tries, tests and eventually buys the new Black Cat MTW wood from Lynx golf...

Member review: Black Cat MTW

Lynx Black Cat MTW 3 Wood
Member review: Black Cat MTW

Having struggled with my existing fairway wood for some time I went in search of a new weapon. Where to start? I tried a number of the more popular examples, Adams, Orlimar, Lynx, Mizuno and Taylor Made at driving ranges and was pleasantly surprised at their performance – After much deliberation I ordered a Lynx Black Cat MTW 3 Wood with Regular Flex Graphite shaft.

I find this club to have clean lines, It has a shallow(ish) face but is deeper than the Orlimar. The MTW in the name stands for Moving Tungsten Weight, tungsten plugs that Lynx position differently through the set for optimum trajectory.

The head is steel with maraging on the face to make it super hard – well that’s what the manufacture says – all I know is that it sounds really good when you hit the ball. The Shaft is lightweight graphite and works well for me. The club comes with a smart Lynx head cover. Member review: Black Cat MTW

Having been impressed with it on the driving range I was eager to get on the course and try it out. I was not disappointed. I went out with the intention of playing every shot that I could with this club to learn its abilities and limitations. I went out by myself and played 9 holes just to get the feel of the club and played a game the next day.

Using the club from the Tee I found it had about the same distance as my Driver (Wilson Fat Shaft 10.5 Degree) with the advantage of being straighter. The ball flight was good with a reasonably quick initial ascent, however it did not rise too high and maintained a fairly level flight. I was teeing it very low – almost on the ground as I do for Iron shots from the tee.

From the fairway the club was a joy to use. Getting off the ground easily and having a long penetrating flight giving good carry. The feel of this cub when the ball is struck is incredible good. Even off centre hits produced a credible result.

This club was so good from the tee I had less opportunity to explore the clubs performance from the rough than I had expected. However playing from the rough caused this club no problems – the head sliding through the grass and making contact with the ball easily.

The only problem I have is what to do with my driver!

Custom heat treated 15-5 Stainless Steel body metal woods with custom maraging steel face and progressive tungsten sole weighting

Available in Driver (10.5), 3, 5, 7 woods in RH.

For more information on the Black Cat MTW woods and irons, click on the Lynx Golf website to find out more and even buy one online.

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