X Hot

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Andy Roberts
Mon, 18 Mar 2013
X Hot
The X Hot generated decent length and smooth swings with straight shots

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OptiFit Hosel allows golfer to adjust the face angle open, square or closed for improved accuracy and trajectory.
Hard to think of one other than low launch
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PRICE: £249.00 YEAR: from 2013

The Callaway X Hot driver has been configured for blistering ball speeds and distance gains thanks to the brand’s powerfully fast and adjustable Speed Frame Face Technology that promotes consistent distance, even on off-centre hits.

The matte grey crown with black face and large, deep profile instils confidence at address, while the traditional Callaway chevron acted as a nice alignment aid in amongst the silent orange and grey colours at the top and bottom of the crown. 

The X Hot features Callaway’s thinnest ever casting technology in an all-titanium head and this creates a lighter swing weight and overall configuration.

While the white standard Project X Velocity felt a little too light for our liking, the X Hot provided a sweet sensation at impact and explosive feel off the face – a similar trait found in the X Hot iron.

If you’re after a slight draw pattern with penetrating trajectory, the X Hot should be of consideration this year.

Launch was a little lower than ideal and balls were consequently landing with hot fee, but that is nothing that a new shaft or switching up a degree cannot solve.

While we would ideally prefer to keep the ball airborne a tad longer, we couldn’t fault forgiveness on off-centre hits and the progressive draw bias that helped keep those ‘squiffy’ swings in play. 


The X Hot generated decent length and smooth swings with straight shots. At £250, however, the X Hot represents excellent value for money. 

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