King F6+ driver review

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Charlie Lemay
Tue, 5 Jan 2016
King F6+ driver review
The Cobra F6+ driver is one of the longer big sticks on the market, and it also boasts heaps of adjustability.

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Long, forgiving, lots of adjustability
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PRICE: £299.00 YEAR: from 2016

As the New Year dawns, many of you will be trotting off to the gym and hoping to lose those added pounds picked up via extra helpings of brandy butter. Cobra is following suit. The kilos have been shed, allowing the F6+ to be “the lowest CG driver on the market.”

But how has it accomplished the feat?

The attributes of being both light and incredibly strong makes carbon fibre an apt material for sporting equipment. It can be seen on Formula One cars, Tour de France bikes, and on the crowns of premium golf drivers – but Cobra has taken a step into the unknown by using the material on the underside of its new big stick.

The F6+’s new CarbonTrac system, which houses an 18-gram sliding weight, is made completely of carbon fibre, which saves eight grams compared to an all-titanium construction. Ally this with using carbon fibre on the crown, and Cobra says it has saved 20 grams.

The F6+’s body is made from Ti811, a stronger and lighter material than titanium, which combined with a new Speed Channel also saves a further eight grams.


A classic, tear-shaped look from the top, which oozes class. Cobra has kept its logo as the alignment aid which we like.  The CarbonTrac on the sole of the club gives a futuristic aesthetic.

We tested out the vibrant orange F6+, which we were big fans of, although those who are not fans of colour may find it too loud. There is an appealing contrast between crown and face.


The F6+ has a soft feel, but it is harder than its sister driver the F6, which is buttery soft. There is a crisp edge to the feel, which gives the user confidence he/she will be able to control the ball. With the moveable weight moved to the back, it has a slightly hollow feel, but when placed in the centre or in the front it feels more compact.

It produces a pleasing “thwack” at impact.


The F6+ driver gave us around five to eight extra yards compared to the Fly-Z+ when the set-up is in a neutral position.

We were impressed by the amount of forgiveness on offer. On off-centre hits we were getting decent yardages, although the feel was significantly reduced.

It is a naturally high launching driver. The weight on the sole can be moved into five different positions with ease – the back promotes high launch and high spin, while the front position does the opposite. With the weight at the back, the driver has a slight draw bias, while it promotes a fade when at the front.

We found the difference between having the weight in the back and the front was a change in launch angle of up to three-and-a-half degrees, equating to roughly ten yards in total distance. With the weight positioned at the front, there is less forgiveness on offer.

MyFly8 technology offers eight loft options, while Smartpad ensures the face stays square at impact no matter what setting you have it on.


The Cobra F6+ driver is one of the longer big sticks on the market, and it also boasts heaps of adjustability.

There's a load of forgiveness to boot, and we loved the overall aesthetic. Has a soft but crisp feel, and the adjustable weight is easy to use. 

Cobra's drivers are taking giant strides forward with each iteration, and the F6+ follows suit.

Lofts: 9°, 9.5°, 9.5°D, 10.5°, 10.5°D, 11.5°,11.5°D,12°
Shaft: Matrix Black Tie 65M4 graphite
Grip: Lamkin 3GEN Crossline 360
Head size: 460CC
Colours: Glass Black with Vibrant Orange/ Blue Aster/ White Pearl