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Andy Roberts
Mon, 29 Apr 2013
One of the best drivers I have ever hit

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Custom fitting and SureFit hosel; Superb distance; Very straight; Lovely mid to high launch; Solid sound at impact
Hard to think of one other than price
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PRICE: £344.00 YEAR: from 2013

While I was relatively happy with my driving stats when I set foot into the Titleist National Fitting Centre at St Ives Golf Club recently, I left with a whole new world of driving ability at my fingertips.

Fitted to my ideal 10.5-degree in the new Titleist 913D2 - the more forgiving option of the two models that also comprises the 913D3 - my custom fitting expert Paul Thomson sought to find the correct loft and lie setting and shaft to suit my game.  

The 913D2 has the same SureFit Tour hosel that debuted in the 910 series, which allows you to set the loft and lie independently to optimise ball flight. You can then raise or lower the loft as well as open or close the face. The hosel sleeve is adjustable by changing the club to one of 16 settings; one ring has settings of 1, 2, 3 and 4, while the other has settings of A, B, C and D.

Paul then got me playing around with four different shafts before telling me, with my own feedback, that the Phenom 60 S was to become my new best friend. This shaft helped retain my launch angle but reduced spin for longer, straighter and more consistent ball flights.

He then dialled in my code and fitted me to my new shaft. Within seconds, I could see and feel the improvements in distance, trajectory, spin rate and accuracy.

Distance had dramatically increased because of a new face insert which makes ball speeds faster on a larger area of the face – perfect on the occasional off-centre hit. I was informed during my fitting session that the face of the 913 has increased the maximum ball speed area up to 11% from its previous 910.

In terms of driver spin, I was enjoying much lower spin with a more pleasing launch angle and consequently longer carry and roll out.

So much so, I averaged 273 yards off the tee during my fitting session - a huge gain on my current driver, and since putting the club in my bag, I have recorded a career PB of 310 yards down the par-4 second at Royal Lytham & St Annes. Ok, it was wind assisted and on the links, but I’ll take it!


The 913D2 is consistently delivering me with a lovely mid-to-high ball flight, tremendous accuracy and a beautiful crunching sound at impact. I could not be more impressed. This is one of the best drivers I have ever hit. 

Most golfers continue to waste hard-earned cash on equipment that might work a little better than their old stuff, yet not nearly as well as a set fitted to their specific swing and their build.

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