Puma TitanTour Ignite shoe review

James Hamilton
Thu, 3 Mar 2016
Puma TitanTour Ignite shoe review
As close as you will get to walking on clouds

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Incredibly soft and comfortable on the feet; stylish; stable; durable
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PRICE: £130.00 YEAR: from 2016

If you've ever wondered what it feels like to float on a cloud, I suggest slipping on a pair of Rickie Fowler's new Puma TitanTour Ignite shoes. 

Stacked with Ignite foam, a superior cushioning material that disperses impacts and stays responsive hole after hole, the shoes remained comfy and cushy during my 27-hole tournament at The Oxfordshire last week. 

Thankfully the shoes also dazzle in their appearance, too, and perform how you would anticipate after handing over £130. 


You can kind of expect an element of style, snazz and sleekness when it comes to Puma Golf shoes these days - and thankfully the new Ignites do not disappoint. 

So much so, my playing partner said "you should be on the cat walk today" when I placed my tee peg into the turf on the opening tee box. 

The new TitanTour Ignite shoes - as worn by current world number five Fowler - possess a fresh new look against last year's standard TitanTour shoes, but still come with the same reliability the company has been associated with down the years.  

First Look: Puma TitanTour Ignite shoes

They are striking in appearance with a glossy soft full grain white leather, blue and green detail finish, or if you're part of the marketing team at Puma... "White, Surf The Web and Green Gecko."

The shoes - also available in white/orange, white/black and black/grey - come with a spare set of blue laces to allow you to stand out even more on the course, if you so wish. 

Mind you, after playing 27 holes in February, you will unlikely get to appreciate the style of the Ignites when placing them back in the boot of your car unless you have a god-given talent for avoiding any winter mud. Nothing a wet J cloth can't solve back home, though. 

Feel and Performance

Golf is no fashion show, however, and thankfully Puma's new pair of shoes pack a punch in terms of performance.

From the moment you slip these shoes on - and I mean slip with no struggle at all - you are greeted with maximum levels of comfort. I have worn more than 20 different pairs of shoes in my golf career and none rival the homey feel of this one. 

In my footwear experience, I have always needed a half size up from my normal everyday size 8 shoes to feel completely comfortable out on the course, but these chaps were right on the money.

During the swing, the shoes generated magnificent stability. I certainly could not blame the shoes for any errant shots out there.

At the same time as being sturdy and flexible - aided by the new PWRFrame Technology and Stealth cleats - these shoes also felt nice and light.  


Without doubt, the new Puma Ignite shoes as worn by Rickie Fowler are my favourite ever golf shoes.

The quality of the soft leather, the inside feel and new Ignite foam is second to none. I felt like I was walking on a bed of feathers for 27 holes. 

They may not necessarily conform for the hardened, traditionalist golf footwear fan out there, because they do appear like trainers on the shelves, but I personally love the look of them.

The fact they also happen to feel incredibly snug and stable, and nothing bugs me about them in the slightest, makes these shoes an easy five-star rating. 

By no means a cheap premium golf shoe, but for me, you get your money's worth and then some.

Look no further than the Puma TitanTour Ignite shoe this season.

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