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Charlie Lemay
Thu, 20 Jun 2013
Finally there is a relatively cheap swing analysis mechanism that works well. 3BaysGSA gives you reliable data quickly and its incredibly easy to use.

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Cheap, reliable, easy to use, attractive
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PRICE: £129.00 YEAR: from 2013

Cost is often the deciding factor when people decide whether to buy a product. It’s what makes you choose a Fiat over a Ferrari, a one bed flat over a beach side mansion.

The common theme in these examples is that the cheaper version is significantly worse in every area and you would be forgiven for thinking that about 3BaysGSA PRO when compared to TrackMan – the industry standard swing analysis tool.

However, you’d be wrong. This is because 3BaysGSA PRO isn’t significantly inferior in every department when compared to TrackMan – far from it. Of course it isn’t as precise and it doesn’t give you as much data as the infamous TrackMan system but it does hold its own in important categories.

When I’m looking at swing analysis the two most important areas I want to look at are ’ball carry’ or ‘distance’ and ‘club head speed’ as well as whether my clubface was square at impact. Everything else is important but not essential.

These are the areas 3Bays comes into its own. When comparing my distances and clubhead speed on 3BaysGSA PRO againstTrackMan I noticed only minimal differences, if any. Every once in a while there was a bizarre result thrown out but on the whole it’s remarkably accurate. This was also the case when comparing my club face at impact - when 3BaysGSA PRO said I was slightly open or closed so would Trackman.

It’s also very easy to use. Once you’ve downloaded the free app just slot the device into the top of your grip, turn it on and sync it with your phone, and you’re ready to play.

After you strike the ball your swing is logged in seconds. You can then scroll through your swings to inspect your readings. Your swing is also shown in video form from behind and the side allowing you to check your plane.

With one swipe of a thumb, more data can be brought up on the screen: Consistency, clubhead speed, tempo (up: down), impact force, back swing time, ball speed, down swing time, carry distance, face angle, swing path.

Despite all this, the best thing about the product is the price. At a similar price to a new driver or a handful of rounds, you could purchase 3BaysGSA PRO and your will undoubtedly knock shots off you’re handicap.

My 3BaysGSA PRO has now taken pride of place in the golf bag and comes out at every opportunity. A product I would hugely recommend to any golfer seriously wanting to improve their game.


Finally there is a relatively cheap swing analysis tool that works well. 3BaysGSA PRO gives you reliable data quickly and its incredibly easy to use. 

Price: £129

Available at http://www.3bayslife.com/gsa/home.php