GolfBuddy PT4 GPS review

What do we make of GolfBuddy's 'most advanced handheld GPS'?

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Mon, 23 Mar 2015

GolfBuddy PT4 GPS review

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Name: GolfBuddy PT4 handheld
Weight: 153 g
Dimensions: 6.9 x 12.8 x 1.5 cm 
Touchscreen: Yes
Battery life: Up to eight hours
Course maps: Pre-loaded with over 37,000
Colours: Black
RRP: £300

Key Features

  • Pinch and zoom hole view - after touching the small + icon at the side of every hole view, the user can zoom in and out by "pinching" the screen
  • Width and depth of the green - the width and depth of green is always shown directly from the golfer's angle of approach, providing a true picture of what lies ahead
  • EasyView distance arcs - from the tee and to the green give instance visual distance reference points
  • Moveable pin placement - touch and drag the flag to any point on the green, while in the hi-contrast green view an additional grid overlay assists with placement
  • Fixed layup point setting - select a point on any hole and the "blue pin" which appears will always give a distance to that point

Ease of use

The PT4 takes full advantage of a new capactive (lighter) touch rather than a pressured touch and that is instantly a big positive on the former GolfBuddy World Platinum GPS handheld as it offers better responsiveness.

The four-inch touchscreen is easy to read and its sleek, slimline design is another plus. It is perhaps a little bigger than ideal for a GPS, however, given it is the same height as an iPhone 5.

Best features

The play mode gives you a clear detailed map of the hole ahead. The four-inch screen size allows it to pack a lot of information such as distances to the front and back of the green - pleasingly, all from your angle of approach. You can also zoom in for a closer view of a particular section of the hole.

Another neat feature is the fixed layup setting, perfect if you have never played the golf course before. To set a target, you just tap the screen where you want and distances will be displayed to the target and from the target to the green. To get even more pin-point, and although it can take a little longer than ideal, a blue pin will eventually appear giving you the option to move it around and dial in your target.


The PT4 comes in a smartphone type box with a cradle, USB cable and a pair of adapters to charge via the mains. The cradle can also be used to protect the screen by reversing it to cover the front of the device.

The battery life of the PT4 lasts around eight hours, which should stretch to two rounds, but we advise you to top it up before each outing to be safe. 


Not the cheapest golf GPS on the market but the GolfBuddy PT4 is easy to operate and the data is displayed much clearer than before. The sleek, slimline design also outweighs its larger-than-life size. 

As with all GolfBuddy GPS devices, there is only a one-off cost as there are no ongoing fees, software and course updates are available through the GolfBuddy website, and there are more than 37,000 pre-loaded worldwide courses.

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