Progen Chromo irons

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Charlie Lemay
Tue, 12 Nov 2013
Progen Chromo irons
An iron with an incredibly soft feel. Decent distance and forgiveness at a good price.

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Cheap, decent distance and forgiveness
Very soft, head-heavy
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PRICE: £299.00 YEAR: from 2013

After five years spent in golfing no man's land, Progen has returned to the marketplace with a new identity and a new range of equipment. The Chromo irons are designed to offer forgiveness, thanks to heel and toe weighting and a cavity back, while also looking good behind the ball. A highly polished sole is designed to limit resistance with the turf to maximise distance. The standard set comes with two hybrids to replace the 3-iron and 4-iron.

Progen isn’t a company I’m familiar with so I was eager to get these irons out on the range to give them a bash.

The first thing you notice when handed an iron from this set is the green graphics – hardly a traditional colour to be used on golf clubs.

Apart from this the shape of the irons is what you'd expect from a game improvement iron. It has a decent amount of offset, a medium top line and sole and a chunky enough cavity to know you’re going to get a lot of help from the club.

If you like your irons to have a very soft feel these may be for you. It feels like you’ve hit a squash ball at impact and it does mean you lose feedback from the club. The club also has thick, tacky grips which provide a huge amount of grip but also serve to dampen the feedback from the club.

The face feels springy and the irons produce a high ball flight as well as good distance. They also offer a decent amount of forgiveness with balls struck off-centre still travelling a good length.

Unfortunately the clubs are a little head heavy which meant I struggled to control them somewhat.


An iron with an incredibly soft feel. Decent distance and forgiveness at a good price. 

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