Williams Racing Golf Qualifier iron review

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Charlie Lemay
Wed, 23 Mar 2016

Williams Racing Golf Qualifier iron review
An iron suiting mid handicappers who want forgiveness, but also seek consistency and workability.

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Solid feel, consistent distance
Appearance is a little bland compared to others
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PRICE: £666.00 YEAR: from 2016

Better known for propelling Formula One cars across the finish line, Williams Racing has turned its expertise to golf.

The esteemed British outfit has released a full line of clubs – but how does it compare to equipment from the leading brands?

We took the new Qualifier iron out for a spin


These irons are not game improvement clubs, but neither are they player irons. They fall somewhere in between, in that awkward mid-handicap range, marrying features from both camps.

The sole and top line are medium in thickness, and you don't really see anything protruding from its backside at address.

The overall aesthetic of the club is pleasing, but it's fair to say it doesn’t jump off the shelf.


Soft and crisp – the feel from the centre of the face is impressive. Miss the sweet spot and the feel diminishes considerably.

The material used in the iron share features of that seen in its Formula One cars. This hopes to increase strength and durability of the irons, without diminishing feel.


The Williams Racing Golf Qualifier irons offer a decent amount of forgiveness. From all over the face, and particularly the toe, we were pleased with the amount of help provided on off-centre hits.

Heavy Density Metal is used in constructing the iron, for increased MOI (moment of inertia; club's resistance to twisting) and that pays dividends.

In regards to distance, the iron sits in the middle of the pack. We were impressed by the consistent distance on offer – a key asset when it comes to irons.

It has a penetrating ball flight that balloons into an apex. There is also a decent amount of workability, especially when trying to control the ball flight.


An iron best suited to mid-handicap players who still crave forgiveness, but also seek consistency and workability. It is slightly bland in appearance, but certainly boasts a soft, crisp feel at impact. 

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