Blue iron

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Andy Roberts
Thu, 1 Jan 2015
Blue iron

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PRICE: £399.00 YEAR: from 2015

The new Adams Blue iron is the perfect option for the player seeking confidence-inspiring looks, bundles of forgiveness, added distance and easy launch.

On first look, the Blue iron will likely appeal to the higher-handicap golfer with its relatively chunky topline, moderate offset and clean white scorelines against its shiny silver face.

Adams have again used the award-winning "Velocity Slot", which provides more flex from the face to deliver more consistent ball speed at impact, but neatly covered it up in the sole to ensure no debris gets trapped in there. 

The iron felt incredibly easy to get airborne - arguably one of the easiest we have tested this season - aided by the club's low and back centre of gravity location to promote that mid-high trajectory.

The shaft is a new "SlimTech" True Temper 85-gram version which promotes a lower kick (meaning the shaft flexes nearer the head) to help get the ball up quicker. 

The sound at impact proved particularly pure on centre strikes, and it certainly told you when you hit a squiffy one. 

Not only did the Blue iron feel easy to hit and launch high but it was very forgiving on off-centre hits, ensuring heel and toe strikes lost little yardage.

It also proved much more powerful than we thought it might with a decent five-yard gain on average carry, with the seven-iron falling just shy of 170 yards.

It lacks the ability to shape the ball as much as some other premium irons out there in 2015, but we question whether that is of much importance to game-improvers anyway. 


Smart, accurate, easy to hit and powerful, the Adams Blue represents one of our favourite game-improvement irons on the market right now.

If you  fancy taking the plunge on the Adams Blue irons, five-iron through to pitching wedge will set you back a value-for-money £399, but if you fancy adding two hybrids as part of a combination set, you will need to hand over an extra £200. 

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