J15 DPF iron review

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Andy Roberts
Tue, 20 Oct 2015
J15 DPF iron review
A power-packed player iron that will not leave you short of the pin

Need To Know

The dual cavity in the back of the head ensures good stability; nice long head size looks great on the long irons; acceptable carry distance
Not as zippy off the face as others; less forgiving than expected; Topline seems too thin given its long head and dual cavity
Our score:
PRICE: £699.00 YEAR: from 2015

The Bridgestone J15 DPF - standing for Dual Pocket Forged – will certainly get you to the pin.

Featuring a premium forged carbon steel and ‘Turbo Rubber Design’ - which combines two cavities either side of the central muscle back - the J15 DPF unsurprisingly proved one of the most power-packed player irons we have tested this season.

Bridgestone claims its turbo design allows discretionary weight to be moved to the perimeter for “increased forgiveness and higher moment of inertia.”


Its mid-size head will likely instil confidence for all good players standing over the ball, however, the topline appeared a little too thin given its long head and dual cavity.

The J15 DPF is not quite as sexy as some of the other new player irons on the market, but does possess the look of a powerful, stretched-out blade.


Not the softest feeling iron out there and it did feel a little ‘dead’ off the face at times. The hands stung on a couple of errant hits.

Nevertheless, the head felt stable through impact, there was good turf interaction from the ‘Wider Contact Sole’ and the stock True Temper DG Pro shaft felt nicely balanced throughout.


One of the longer carry distances in our better player irons test 2015.

Forgiveness was not quite as strong as we were anticipating, but it was acceptable enough for a player iron.

The iron naturally appeared a high flier, but also behaved itself when playing a knockdown shot under the breeze.


There are certainly more accurate irons on the market right now, but if you want player iron looks and added distance, this one should very much be on your radar. 

While Bridgestone claims these irons can be used by players of all abilities, we certainly feel professionals or low-handicap golfers will get the most out of them.

At around £700, these irons represent decent value for money. 

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