Apex Pro 16 iron review

All the benefits of a player iron, with some forgiveness thrown in

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Charlie Lemay
Fri, 23 Oct 2015
Apex Pro 16 iron review

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Fantastic feel, workability, looks, and some forgiveness
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PRICE: £849.00 YEAR: from 2015

Having “Pro” in the title, and with Callaway saying this iron is for “world-class players, and skilled players alike”, the vast majority of golfers may think this club is too good for them.

The mid-to-high handicapper will struggle with the Apex Pro 16 Irons, especially those who are not solid ball strikers, but we were surprised with how much help is on offer.

The longer irons – three, four and five – benefit from tungsten weights placed in the sole of the club to lower the centre of gravity (CG), making them easier to hit, and raising the launch angle.

In the six, seven and eight irons, the holes are filled with steel to raise the CG, to promote a more penetrating ball flight into greens, offering increased consistency. To further raise the CG in irons shorter than this, the holes are left empty.

When forgiveness increases, feel often diminishes, but that is not the case with the Apex Pro. The 1025 mild Carbon Steel iron is “Quadruple Net Forged” through four processes, which produces an iron with a forged feel, while boasting some forgiveness.

As you would expect from a player iron, they are easy to work the ball in either direction, and manipulate the ball flight. The club produces superb feedback, which makes the player feel in full control.

The iron looks sleek and sophisticated, with a thin topline and medium sole on show. From address, the Apex Pro looks like a standard player iron, but turn the head over and you will see the added help on the bottom of the club, which should instill confidence in players.

The sound it produces is crisp and smooth.


Boasts the feel, workability and looks of a pure player iron, with added forgiveness. An outstanding club, that will appeal to lower handicappers.

Stock Shaft: Project X (steel) UST Mamiya Recoil (graphite)

Visit the Callaway website for more information. 

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