MP-59 (8-PW)

Forged Ti Muscle workability of a blade combines with cavity-back forgiveness and more solidity at impact. Centre of gravity encourages higher ball flight. Thinner top line and weightier sole available in any custom combination from 3-PW (

Bob Warters
Fri, 25 Nov 2011
MP-59 (8-PW)

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PRICE: £120.00 YEAR: from 2011

To give me a better feel for these new arrivals, compared to the sample Mizuno JPX 800 HDs (5- to 7--irons) I trialed earlier, Mizuno sent me the MP-59 8- and 9-iron and pitching wedge to review.

And immediately I appreciated the subtleties of the forged head and the thinner top-line, compared to the HDs which, while being-confidence building for the higher handicapper, maybe lack the sophistication of the MP-59 - to my eye, at least.

With the knowledge that Tour players of the quality of Charles Howell III have selected the MP-59 to put in their bags over the more classic-looking MP-69, I felt a little taller in my posture uplifted by the fact that maybe, with my experience of the game over 40 years, it was time I made better use of irons that reflected the finesse of modern design.

I decided that with the MP-59s in my hands, I didn't, after all, need the chunky-looking lines of the modern game-improver club. Yes, I need to get the ball airborne but my game now is built around maximising my 12-handicap with accurate approaches from 120 yards in and finesse shots around the green from different conditions.  

These lofted MP-59 irons encouraged a positive address position and added confidence, despite a top-line thinner to what I am used to. They delivered a delicate feel through the clubhead and through the regular flex graphite shafts.

Chris Voshall, Mizuno's R&D guru, is spot-on when he claims their engineers have created a more familiar, softer 'less clicky' feel to the clubface, with titanium uniquely forged into the head to help weight distribution and create a more forgiving, wider sole.


The Mizuno MP-59s are great-looking clubs designed with a subtlety that will appeal to golfers attracted by the opportunity to play a brand they might previously have felt might have been too good for their ability - a badge of honour beyond their status. Club selection may be limited but as scoring clubs I'm keeping these in my bag for the foreseeable future

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