High launch version of the JPX800 iron with Max-Cor pocket cavity and wider sole on the longer, medium irons (4-7-iron) and progressively narrower sole on 8-PW. Sound and solid feel factored into the design through Mizuno's harmonic impact technology. Fujikura

Bob Warters
Mon, 10 Oct 2011
I enjoyed the simplicity of design, satisfying feel and soaring ball flight

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PRICE: £115.00 YEAR: from 2011

If I was considering buying a set with HD, I'd be scouring the electrical shops looking for the best deal in a wide screen, able to receive pin sharp coverage of golf Tour events around the world!

Now, however the acronym HD doesn't just stand for a television set on which you can watch your favourite sports programmes in High Definition. It refers to the latest JPX 800HD (High Distance) irons from Mizuno.

And, like the HD TV, they don't disappoint.

Such has been the demand to try these clubs from various magazines and websites that I was only able to get my hands on 6- and 7-iron samples with regular-flex graphite shafts.

But it was enough to create a strong impression of how golfers in the mid to high handicap category, traditionally, lacking in self-confidence when it comes to hitting golf shots solidly and with consistency, might have to re-assess their clubbing distances.

Those traditional 150-yard markers at most courses, signifying the distance to the centre of the green, have for years equated to a 6-iron for me but with the JPX800HDs, the newly-created flexibility in the face packs a high-flying punch that can airmail the green.

Even my handsy, de-lofting action couldn't prevent a soaring trajectory that added at least seven yards per club allied to a solid impact and a feeling of confidence at address from the satisfyingly broad top line.

Mizuno has also factored in the sound feedback you get from impact. Even slight miss-hits feel re-assuringly solid.


We all love to hit the ball long and straight with our irons and feel that tingle through the hairs on the back of the neck when we flush the ball from the centre of the club.It's not an isolated experience with these clubs. I particularly enjoyed the simplicity of design, satisfying feel and soaring ball flight.

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