King Cobra Comp 454 driver (left-handed)

The latest member of Cobra's big-hitting family of drivers is tried and tested.

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Thu, 9 Sep 2004
King Cobra Comp 454 driver (left-handed)King Cobra Comp 454 driver (left-handed)King Cobra Comp 454 driver (left-handed)
Technology:Ultra-lightweight, carbon composite top, combined with a milled rhombus oval face insert and dualed weighting system.
Price: £329

Cobra 454 Comp driver

My mate Malcolm Smith likes to hit the ball hard – very hard. As an opening bat for his cricket team he likes to ‘get after’ the bowlers and force the pace.

As a golfer he ‘doesn’t spare it’ from the opening tee shot – and I swear he’s getting closer and closer to driving the first green – a 374-yard dogleg par-4 - at our local course at Greetham Valley.

As a 15 –handicap left-hander using his newly acquired Wilson Deep Red Max II, he covered almost 300 yards with one blow but still needed a 9-iron to get home.

This week, armed with the latest left-handed version of the 10-deg King Cobra Comp 454, he had less than 30 yards left to the pin – a mere pitch.

Mal describes its performance as ‘awesome’ – especially as he can regularly outdrive his 4-handicap son and one or two other low handicappers who fancy themselves as Rutland’s answer to John Daly.

He says: "I extolled the virtues of Deep Red Max II and said it was the best driver I had used. Wrong! That was before I got my hands on this.

"The Cobra’s streets ahead – and so easy to use. In fact it went very well from the start. I thought things would soon settle into the old groove once the honeymoon period was over. But to my delight, it continues to make me look as though I know what I am doing off the tee."

As a ‘steady 15 handicapper’ he he has good days and bad but generally claims he can confidently draw his tee shots – even faded it, mostly to order.

"The launch angle and ball flight are superb and the tell-tale marks on the clubface confirm Cobra’s claim of a generous sweet spot.

"I can even hit it off the deck," he added with pride. "It’s not perfect but it outshines my 3-wood."

King Cobra Comp 454 driver (left-handed)The Golfmagic verdictKing Cobra Comp 454 driver (left-handed)
Summary:This driver is excellent. The only downside is that it exceeds COR limits of .830, so won’t legally conform in 2008. But, hey, who cares? I’m living for today when I can drive the ball like this. Sold!…to that man in the white flannels and sleeveless sweater!

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