Member Review: T-Zoid Sure

Garry Baker gives his personal view on the Mizuno T-Zoid Sure irons...

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Garry Baker
Fri, 8 Dec 2000
Member Review: T-Zoid Sure

Mizuno Sure 3-SW (Custom Fitted)
Shaft: True Temper R400 Sensicore steel shaft (Regular Flex)
Year: 2000 model

I took the plunge and decided to take up golf at the beginning of the 2000 season after a couple of years toying with the idea. I started by booking a course of lessons at my local club (Stanton-on-the-Wolds, excellent club I would recommend if you were ever in Nottingham area) with their assistant pro, Wesley. While having my lessons there I also took the opportunity to purchase a set of irons that suited my game and ability.

Member Review: T-Zoid Sure
The T-Zoid Sure Irons
Member Review: T-Zoid Sure

Wesley took me through the options and demo clubs of various manufacturers hitting off their grass practice ground (much better than mats and nets) and the outcome was a set of Mizuno Sure's with True Temper R400 Sensicore shafts with +0.5" length and 2 degrees upright lie.

Now I'd like to say for the record that at the beginning I was seriously sceptical regarding custom fitting, I thought it was a top-notch option for good players looking for that extra advantage. Wrong! Very wrong in fact.

As an enthusiastic beginner I was up for trying anyone's clubs and I did at every opportunity and the result is that those extra 2 degrees upright and that extra 0.5" in length on a steel shaft make a huge difference for me. Being originally sceptical I'm sure it's not all psychological, though knowing the irons were made for you does give you a confidence boost. I would seriously recommend it; you could well be surprised at the results.

The Sure's appear very smart for a cavity back design, okay not up there with blades for appearance but hey at my level blades are for wall decoration and definitely not for real golfing use. They have impressed me, they help out when I'm off the sweet-spot by not sending my ball slicing into the rough 10 yards ahead and really impresses when I do manage to get the sweet-spot.

In fact I have quite often been applauded by playing colleagues for a shot that they thought was impressive that I know didn't strike the right part of the face. The shafts are also warrant a mention. I can get a sting' off an appalling shot with the 3-iron (and most of my 3-iron shots are like that) but definitely from the SW up to the 5-iron the 'Sensicore' does reduce or mute that sting on bad shots. I still know from the feel and the sound if the sweet-spot was where the ball struck the face but the harshness I have felt with other irons is absent.

To sum up, I haven't regretted purchasing these irons and I suppose that's the proof of the pudding and I'm extremely impressed with their forgiveness and resilience to wear. If you are a beginner or 20-28 handicapper looking for consistency these could well be the irons for you. Look out for a discounted set with the new Mizuno Comp-CT's out.

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