Mizuno T-Zoid Steel driver

A members review of a driver that is normally overshadowed by its bigger titanium brother

Mizuno T-Zoid Steel driver

The new Mizuno steel-headed T-Zoid driver is often overshadowed by it's bigger Titanium brother. But this forged steel faced driver with the same "Cortech" technology as that used in the much-lauded Mizuno T-Zoid Titanium driver is every bit as good for a much cheaper price.

Mizuno T-Zoid Steel driver

Mizuno have kept the spring effect just within the USGA regulations and is now designed into all Mizuno woods.

A lot has already been written about the brilliant titanium driver and it was with the purchase of this in mind that I went to my local golf shop. I have already been using the steel headed fairway 3 and 5 woods for about six months and have been pleased with their predictability. So in the constant quest for distance I decided that a graphite shafted driver was my next requirement.

When I saw the new steel headed version, with its elegant and compact head, in Mizuno's deep blue and brushed stainless livery complete with Accel-arc graphite "Active Kick" shaft, I decided that £99 for this premium quality club was irresistible, but would it work?

Practice on my local driving range proved that the club was as pleasant and easy to use as the fairway woods but the increase in distance over my previous driver was noticeable. I couldn't wait to get it out on the course.

Mizuno T-Zoid Steel driver
Alan wins cash with his Steel version!

The resulting 18 holes on Saturday 27th January not only saw me win all the money but also consistently outdrive my playing partner, something I generally fail to do.

I admit I didn't hit every drive perfectly but even when mis-hit the shots went pretty much in the right direction. I have never really got on well with drivers in the past but until the honeymoon is over I will take it out of my bag at every opportunity, as it really is a pleasure to hit.

In summary, the Mizuno stainless steel headed driver with a regular graphite shaft is easy to use for this 16-handicap golfer. It has given me more distance, is predictable and is just great looking. I got mine in a sale for £99 and that included a headcover - well worth the money. 9/10

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