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Honma Tour World TW717 430cc

Brand: Honma
Driver: Tour World TW717 430
Loft: 8.5-, 9.5- and 10.5-degree
Shaft: Honma ARMRQ8-54 and VIZARD TA65. Optional shafts include: ARMRQ8-62, VIZARD TA65, TA75, TZ65 and TZ75 by special order. 
Player Type: Better player
Clubhead size: 430cc
Head: Titanium 
Price: £5,095 (if you buy with the 5-Star, ARMQ8 shaft).
Website: Honma

Honma has enlarged the reaction area to be ideal for how professionals and advanced players hit, and a compact yet high-back shape with volume at the head creates a more penetrating ball flight. The brand says this is a model for a better player.

The 4-piece head is derived of several materials, a pure titanium hosel, 3AL-2.5V titanium crown, and G4 titanium sole/body and 6-4 Titanium forged face. The forged face provides more distance and control by partially modifying the thickness of the face; the rebound area has been enlarged to mitigate the loss in carry on a mishit.

Face angle sits 2 degree open.

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