Three of the most expensive drivers on the market today...

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Wed, 24 Jul 2013
Maruman Majesty Prestigio Super7

Brand: Maruman
Driver: Majesty Prestigio Super7
Loft: 9.5-, 10.5- and 11.5-degree (R2-S flex)
Shaft: LV (long version), SV (short version) or HV (hard version)
Player Type: Low-to-mid capper
Clubhead size: 460cc
Head: 6-4 Grade 5 Titanium
Price: £2150
Website: Maruman

Prestigio Super7 is, obviously, the seventh generation driver of its prestigious line. It features a 6-4 GRADE5 Ti top. (Grade 5 is the high grade rating for Titanium in Japan meaning very little impurities).

The driver comprises a rare 3-1-1-1 Ti sole and the face consists of two pieces a outer ring of Low Gravity Fullerene Titanium and a centre face featuring High Modulous Tougest Titanium.

There's also a unique three unit construction head. The face, crown and sole of the club are separate unit and is heat forged to precision for a finished product.

The face features five various thickness zones, which are designed to help lower the centre of gravity and add extra solid feel in the sweetspot.