Never Compromise Sub 30 Type 50

It's certainly not the prettiest piece of kit around, but if you like soft inserts, you'll likely love the Never Compromise Sub 30 Type 50.

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Andy Roberts
Wed, 29 May 2013
Never Compromise Sub 30 Type 50
If you like soft inserts, you will love this mallet putter

Need To Know

Good alignment aid with bars helping player taking putter back on straight arc; Cool artwork; Soft, responsive feel; Forgiving on off-centre hits
Hard to judge pace on long putts; Bit chunky looking
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PRICE: £116.00 YEAR: from 2013

The Never Compromise Sub 30 Type 50 is a two-piece oversize mallet constructed from stainless steel and aluminium, with most of the weight moved to the perimeter for high MOI and added forgiveness. A dual-material face insert of copper-infused aluminium and polymer offers soft, responsive feel.

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This mallet putter is uniquely shaped but I find it too chunky. I also think the colouring is too bland.

The alignment bars behind the ball, however, rescue it somewhat. I like the way the bars aid the player to take the putter back and through on a straight arc. Another positive is the cool artwork on the back of the putter.

In terms of feel, the dual material face insert offers a soft, responsive feel on all putts. The insert height is one of the tallest in the market and that no doubt helps to minimise distance loss and maximise putts struck off the heel and toe.

From outside of 20-feet, however, I felt as though it was hard to stop the ball within a few feet from the cup.

Performance-wise, the Sub30 is a well-balanced putter that sits nicely behind the ball and the three lines aid decent and confident alignment. The ball rolls true off the face and overall, this mallet is very forgiving when struck off-centre.

Should you buy the Never Compromise Sub 30 Type 50 putter?

If you like soft inserts, you will undoubtedly love this putter. A solid putter from Cleveland at an affordable price although I feel appearance lets down the performance. Then again, golf is no fashion show after all. 

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