PING ChipR Review: the secret to improving your short game woes

GolfMagic assesses the performance of the PING ChipR club, which can act as an instant remedy to a nervy short game. 

The SECRET To Improving Your Short Game? PING ChipR Review
The SECRET To Improving Your Short Game? PING ChipR Review
It eradicates the duffs and thins around the green; perfect remedy for a nervy chipper; very tight dispersion on shots between 20 and 40 yards; perfect for links golf where you want to run the ball along the ground
It will take some getting used to; it's an extra club in the bag for some people who just don't really need it

PING ChipR - Key Features

  • Hydro Pearl Chrome Finish: to achieve spin out the rough as well as the fairway
  • Cambered sole: for versatility around the greens
  • MicroMax grooves: to give you improved spin control 

Golf chipping can be the difference between winning and losing a match or shooting a very good or a very bad score in your club competition. 

If you feel particularly nervy over those delicate chip shots around the green, or just seem to melt under pressure, then the new PING ChipR could be for you. 

The new ChipR is a reliable and stable club packed with technology that will help you around the green.

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge took the ChipR out onto the course to assess its performance and learn more about it. 

Player Level

Anyone who feels a little nervy with chip shots or constantly seems to duff or thin wedge shots should take a closer look at the PING ChipR. Golf beginners, senior golfers or even juniors may benefit most from this club. Those who typically play links golf may also be interested. 



PING ChipR - Looks and Feel

This club has been given a refreshing new look for 2022 with the aesthetics and technology.

With 38.5 degrees of loft and 35 inches in length, the ChipR is very different from the company's predecessor, the Chipo Chipper. 

The substantial sole camber and the shorter toe length add to its new look for 2022. It is a huge improvement on the previous PING Chipo club which now looks very dated.

PING says this club can improve up to 30% of a golfer's short game compared to normal wedges that are supposedly not as effective or as easy to use.

The club is weighted like something between a pitching wedge and a lob wedge. The weight of the head makes it feel very easy to establish solid contact.

Alex noted he could almost swing this club like a putter to hit the middle of the clubface.

In this way, you will achieve the best sound and feel possible and make the best of the PING ChipR.

The SECRET To Improving Your Short Game? PING ChipR Review
The SECRET To Improving Your Short Game? PING ChipR Review

PING ChipR - Performance and Forgiveness

The goal of the ChipR is to make the short game simpler, and it definitely achieves that. 

This awesome bit of kit is recommended for shots within 40 yards of the green from the rough or fringe, golfers apply a putting-like stroke to achieve distance control and consistency without fear of chunking or blading their shots.

No matter the strike, the ball seemed to pop lovely off the face and run out to the pin. This is down to the design and tech of this club. 

We noted it had very consistent performance on shots between 20 and 40 yards. Alex's dispersion with this club was very tight. 

It will take some getting used to though, especially for those who have never used a chipper before. 

Alex would not recommend using this club out of the deeper rough around the greens. The club features a Hydro Pearl finish that helps you to achieve spin out of the rough as well as on the fairway, but we noted it was very tough to gauge distance with out the deeper stuff. 

The PING ChipR overall is a very forgiving club and there is no longer a need to worry about hitting the toe or the heel. The PING ChipR makes chipping easier and this is important for many golfers to understand.

The SECRET To Improving Your Short Game? PING ChipR Review
The SECRET To Improving Your Short Game? PING ChipR Review

Should you buy the PING ChipR? 

You need to consider how often you will use the PING ChipR in your bag before you purchase it. Will you need this type of club around the greens at your home course?

On a links course where you want to hit low shots to the ground, the PING ChipR is perfect because of its consistency and ease of the strike.

Don't fall foul to the stereotype of having a golf chipper in your bag. If you feel this is the right club for you after watching our review above, you should invest.

The PING ChipR is an immediate remedy to your short game woes. It provides a consistent dispersion and a get-out-of-jail-free card for those golfers who aren't confident in chipping from the fringe or the semi-rough.

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