Ping Craze-E C putter

'With its bright blue livery, and the look of a large belt buckle on a stick, you could even use it to pick up one of Phil Mickelson

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Thu, 16 Dec 2004

Ping Craz-E (Centre-shafted)

The new centre-shaft Craz-E C putter

Price: £125 (Belly or broomhandle £140)

I used to like putters where there’s not too much going on around my feet. In other words, when I looked down at the ball at address, my head wasn’t spinning with alignment aids, two-ball images and bits of plumbing.

I liked my putters plain and simple…clubhead-ball, ball-clubhead. Just like that!

Now I’m not so sure.

There’s definitely something to be said for these ornate, multi-coloured back-weighted jobbies. They seem to make it much easier to roll the ball on line – and keep rolling.

For a couple of weeks, I’ve been using one of the latest models from the innovative Ping stable and have noticed how easy it has suddenly become to get the ball to the hole.

This Craz-E C – a centre-shafted model where the ball sits just in front of where the shaft enters the putter head – is much easier to wield in pendulum fashion than the Scotty Cameran Futura or the Cleveland Voodo, for example. And it matches the Callaway White Steel for strike consistency.

A father and son at my local course – both already single figure golfers - have recently invested in similar models and are reputed to be putting ‘out of this world.’

At first glance there’s a lot going on with the Craz-E C – with its bright blue livery, and the look of a large belt buckle on a stick. You could even use it to pick up one of Phil Mickelson’s divots, such is its shovel-like appearance.

However, this game is about getting the ball to and into the hole and Craz-E as it might seem to the disbelievers, this club does it beautifully.

It even has one of those soft-tacky grips that urge you to cuddle it in your fingertips and a distinctive blue G2 insert face


It’s expensive for a putter, but its outrageous design belies its solid feel and consistent roll. Distance control is suddenly a thing of beauty, using this ugly duckling.

Golfmagic rating: 8.5/10



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