Puma TitanTour Ignite Hi-Top Golf Shoes Review

Strapping on the Puma TitanTour Ignite Hi-Top golf shoes is a surefire way to guarantee dodgy stares from golf's traditionalists.

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Andy Roberts
Wed, 23 Nov 2016
puma titantour ignite hi top shoe review

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Very stable golf shoe; inspired by Rickie Fowler; new project that helps get youngsters in to golf; incredibly comfortable; much lighter than it may look
You will get dodgy looks from traditionalists
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PRICE: £160.00 YEAR: from 2016

The limited-edition Puma TitanTour Ignite Hi-Top is a golf shoe that breaks tradition, especially where Cobra Puma staff player and trend-setter Rickie Fowler is concerned. 

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Puma TitanTour Ignite Hi-Top Golf Shoes Review

The Hi-Top shoe and golf joggers combo won't be for everyone - even Puma itself will admit that - but I am personally all for anything that encourages youngsters getting into golf and this concept does exactly that, simply because young Rickie adopts the whole concept. 

For the slightly more experienced golfer thinking of wearing them, you'll likely want to bring a decent golf game to the table to avoid complete embarassment. Reflected none better than when Rickie raised eyebrows ahead of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship and then flew home with the trophy in his suitcase. 

Puma TitanTour Ignite Hi-Top Golf Shoes Review

Having worn the shoes and joggers out on the course myself, yes I did receive a few smarmy looks out there at first, but I guess that's to be expected when bumping into the classic stuffy golf traditionalist. 

Most golf courses out there will now allow the combination of Hi-Tops and joggers, so don't worry too much about breaking any of your club's rules. If you can stomach the odd dodgy look here and there, you'll be just fine. 

The beauty of Puma's project is that you're not only extremely comfortable during your round of golf, but you're strapped in, stable and ready to let fly. 

Check us out in action with the joggers and hi-top shoe during our recent challenge series with a Tour pro. 

Puma TitanTour Ignite Hi-Top Golf Shoes Review

As you can probably see, this entire project was designed to blend Rickie’s off-course style with his on-course performance. 

The shoe itself looks pretty clunky on first look, but I can assure you it's as light as most new Puma models out there. 

Puma TitanTour Ignite Hi-Top Golf Shoes Review

It's built on Puma's exceptional TitanTour Ignite foundation and has been constructed for increased stability. The shoe also features Tour-proven cleats to aid its performance during the swing.


Puma TitanTour Ignite Hi-Top Golf Shoes Review

As with the exceptional Puma TitanTour Ignite shoe, the hi-top model comes with Ignite foam cushioning to provide a comfortable ride, and is backed up with PWRFRAME technology to promote its lightweight strength, durability, flexibility and traction. 

The shoe is rounded off with premium leather, perforated pig skin lining and a perfect fit velcro strap. 

Puma TitanTour Ignite Hi-Top Golf Shoes Review

I've been wearing this shoe for the best part of six months now, and I still enjoy wearing it. 

Come rain or sun, the shoe performs superbly. Its waterproof upper is made of microfibre leather that offers a really nice snug feel about it, while its support collar is lined with foam offers the stability I'm after during a full swing. 

You are locked to the ground in this shoe. There may be slightly more elegant and feather-like shoes on the market right now, but if want a good base, look no further than this product. 

Puma TitanTour Ignite Hi-Top Golf Shoes Review

Should you buy the Puma TitanTour Ignite Hi-Top golf shoes?

Golfers come in all different shapes, sizes and personalities at the end of the day.

Fowler is just doing his thing. If you like it, buy into it. If you don't, jog on. 

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