Bettinardi Studio Stock 15

This is a well-balanced putter which offers a huge amount of forgiveness

Charlie Lemay
Fri, 17 Jan 2014
Bettinardi Studio Stock 15

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Forgiving, great feel, well-balanced
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PRICE: £279.00 YEAR: from 2014

The hype around the release of Bettinardi putters in the UK is palpable and it’s been a pleasure to be able to get my hands on the brand’s latest range.

After taking the Bettinardi BB55 out for a spin, and being very impressed, the Studio Stock 15 was the next on the hit-list. I was particularly interested in this one  as it bears a similar resemblance to the putter I have been using for the last year, the Odyssey Versa #9.

As soon as I set eyes on this, I was a fan. Finished in an elegant black, which will reduce glare on sunny days (remember them?!), the orange writing provides a nice contrast which gives the putter a classy appearance. Unlike the Bettinardi BB55, this one should be to everyone’s taste in the appearance stakes.  

I like my putter to be uncluttered and the Studio Stock 15 ticks the box. A small ‘B’ is stamped on the back which is a welcome break from the obtrusive marketing splashed across most flat sticks. Turn the putter upside down and you get the orange writing which gives the putter a unique look.

The half-moon design will appeal to those who want the agility of a blade but also the added balance of a mallet – the best of both worlds so to speak.

When you sit the putter behind the ball, it’s easy to line-up. A long alignment line stretches the length of the putter which allowed me to square up the putter without any hassle.

The putter is slightly on the heavy side at 358 grams and this promotes a smooth stroke – imperative in a good putter. It’s also a well-balanced putter due to the fact the weight has been moved back into the cavity which promotes a true roll.

This transfer of weight also maximises the forgiving nature of the putter. The sweet spot is  huge which will be a massive pro for players who suffer from poorly struck putts or who crumble on the greens when the pressure is on. I almost found I couldn’t hit badly struck putt with this – believe me, that’s a rarity.

My previous experience of Bettinardi putters is that they provide a great feel and I wasn’t let down with the Studio Stock 15. Feel Impact Technology has been incorporated in this putter and it has given it a soft, satisfying feel. Crucially, the feel is not too soft so as to compromise feel and feedback.

The flat stick also makes judging distances child’s play.  From five, ten, 20, 30-feet I was confident that I could put the ball just where I wanted it. This is down to a combination of the putter’s balance, feel and feedback.


This is a well-balanced putter which offers a huge amount of forgiveness. The Studio Stock 15 looks fantastic and provides a soft, consistent feel. It costs top-dollar but you’re getting a top-quality product. 

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