Ripple SR VMC Putter

The flagship Ripple SR VMC features superior roll technology and a unique removable Variable Mass Control system (VMC) which through the use of a socket tool (supplied) allows the player to switch between a light and heavy weight plug increasing or decreasing the weight of the putter to suit his or her personal playing preference. The face of the putter incorporates an oval milled aluminium face insert for soft feel and a polyurethane shock border for a consistent ball strike whilst alignment is optimised through the use of a Ripple alignment aid and the red target line. Stability is enhanced through the Dual Sole stabilising bars. The final finishing touch is given with a Golf Pride red paddle grip.

Available lengths: 34

Sun, 1 Jan 2006
Ripple SR VMC Putter

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PRICE: £59.99 YEAR: from 2006