Scotty Cameron Studio Newport 2

These 303 Stainless Steel Newport-style putters feature bold red tour graphics, high toe profile, and heel & toe circular sole weights that allow for multiple length options in each model. The factory-adjustable circular heel-toe weights offer increased stability by reducing head rotation on off-centre hits, so a larger sweet spot. They also provide the proper headweight-to-shaft length combination. The improved high toe profile of Studio Select models help eliminate the tendency to raise the toe at address thereby causing the player to aim left of target. Putters also feature a stepless shaft for a clean look at address and soft, solid feel, as well as a new red Cameron cord grip. Studio Select H putters feature a heavier head (price


For those of us who prefer a little more weight in our
putter head and don’t want to use lead tape, the new Studio Select line
fits perfectly.

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Having spent the last two years using a Studio Style Newport 2 and
really like the softer feel of the insert, I was a little hesitant to give up the
feel to which I’d become accustomed. But these are milled from a block of 303 stainless steel and provide a slightly different feel and sound compared to the GSS insert.

The Newport 2 head has the option of either a plumbing neck or a mid-slant neck features a stepless steel shaft that helps to soften the feel. It also has a Red
Cameron cord grip with three large Cherry dots on the back of the putter, three smaller dots towards the heel of the face, on the shaftbands on the reflective silver headcover.
It took a few rounds to adjust to the American stainless steel face but once I became accustomed to the firmer feel and saw a fair share of putts drop, I really started to like the especially tactile the cord grip.
With the additional weight, distance control was a breeze and I found it
pretty easy to gauge the distance on putts of every length. The

Newport 2 also has a very nice balance and accelerates through the stroke. The toe flow (or “toe hang”) helped me maintain a nice arc without the feeling of having to manipulate the release of the putter head. 

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