i4-Tech Callie

Yes! indeed!

The new i4-Tech range features the Callie and Rachel blade models and a mallet design named Stephanie.

C-Groove technology, classically shaped cavity-back blade with plumber
Not the most forgiving out there

Yes! indeed!

The new i4-Tech range features the Callie and Rachel blade models and a mallet design named Stephanie.

But like the good man I am, I chose to remain loyal to young Callie (I currently have the white Yes! Callie 12 in the bag).

The i4-Tech Callie is a beautifully finished, classically shaped cavity-back blade with plumber’s neck hosel and a full shaft offset.

It features a new, four-layer C-Groove insert that improves ball roll performance and consistency, as well as providing a soft, responsive feel.

The idea behind C-Groove technology is that the grooves are milled into a stainless steel insert that is then added to the face. Yes! takes a lot of care in milling these grooves to the highest specifications making sure they are cut into the face at a 20-degree angle.

Benefits of the C-Grooves are endless but in short they help to lift your golf ball from where it sits and get it rolling quicker and smoother than a flat faced putter. Essentially the grooves grab onto the dimples of your ball, lift it out of its position and send it on its way to the hole.

This putter also combines tungsten weighting heel and toe that maximise MOI for incredible control. Putting from outside of 30-feet is a breeze to knock stiff and those must-hole six footers were going under more often than not during my recent 18-hole round with the flatstick.

One slight drawback to his putter is that it's not the most forgiving out there. It's a better player putter if I'm honest. If you don't take this putter straight back and through, it won't go in.

I'm a big fan of the rather antique finish that lends a rich and unique appearance. It's a very eye-catching look. The brushed copper finish is attractive and reminds me a little of the PING Anser designs.

The white alignment aid mixed in against the wooden-like colour choice offers great contrast between ball and putting surface.

While I adore my current Yes! Callie white putter with zebra-style headcover, I do take a shine to this new colour, slot technology in the i4-Tech that comes with enhanced grooves and improved alignment. I can see this appealing to plenty of you out there!

The clubhead is attached to the shaft thanks to this plumber neck hosel that has a full shaft offset, meaning the club face is set back one shaft-width from the bottom of the shaft.

If you are the kind of player that requires or desires custom fitting, Yes! will adjust your i4 Tech putter by +/- 3 degrees of lie angle and/or +/- 2 degrees of loft to better suit your stroke or conditions.


Smooth roll, easy alignment and responsive feel. Love the comfortable Yes! grip too and stylish yellow and black putter cover that looks great in the bag.

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