Ray Cook putting mirrors

On reflection, not a bad idea

Ray Cook putting mirrors
Ray Cook putting mirrors
Putting system

Price: From £149

Ever since I saw a device endorsed by Tony Jacklin in the early 1970s which took a line of strong thread from a head band and attached it to a fish hook just under the crotch of your trousers, I’ve never been a real fan of golf gizmos and teaching aids.

That one taught you to keep your head down as you swung the club (well you would wouldn't you?). If you didn’t, you did serious damage to your (fishing) tackle!

So when the people who make Ray Cook putting and alignment mirrors asked me to have a look at their new device, I had reservations.

The mirrors, nicely packed in a leather-look wallet in which you could probably stuff enough fivers to bribe a battallion of Mexican border guards, claim to be revolutionary in providing visual feedback.

"Putter alignment, swing path, eye and body positioning can be monitored and re-inforced," says the publicity.

Ray Cook putting mirrors
Putting allignment.

The putting mirror set, comprising side and base mirrors (£149) allows the golfer to see the putter face before takeaway to determine if the blade is square and ensures the sole is square to the ground. The base mirror also enables you to position eyes and head correctly.

The target mirror (£39.99) placed behind the hole, claims to develop an effective, smooth putting stroke using a centreline target, while the alignment mirror (£39.99) sets up feet, knees, hands and shoulders at address.


It’s all very worthy and I can see how the mirrors, distributed by 1000 Mile Sportswear (Tel: 01923 242233) can provide a cherished training aid for some golfers but the price tag seem like a knee, rather than a hook, in the groin.

Hooked on mirrors? Not me, but (on reflection) not a bad idea for those who like to practice putting - and haven't yet cracked it.

Golfmagic rating: 6.5/10

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