Review: Adams Speedline Super LS hybrid

Does the Super LS hybrid reflect Adams

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Thu, 6 Jun 2013

Adams Speedline Super LS hybrid features innovative Velocity Slot Technology (VST) in the sole that increases CT up to 205, a refined crown slot for higher launch angle without increasing spin for longer carry distance.

I was already in awe at the look of the Super LS line when it pinged up in my inbox at the start of the season, so this hybrid was always going to whet my appetite when ripping off the headcover.

The matte white crown with contrasting PVD face appeared to increase the clubhead size as I looked down on the ball and I received a real ease of alignment.

Although no alignment aid through the middle as such, the slot acted sufficiently enough.

I believe the smaller head profile will be better suited to the better player than the mid-capper, though.

Feel is of course a preference but an important one when determining whether to purchase a club. The stock shaft here is a Mitsubishi Kuro Kage and I felt it was holding up well to those shots that I really wanted to go after.

It also delivered me with a nice smooth feeling through to impact. I thought sound at impact wasn’t particularly pleasant, however, and consequently ball striking felt a little dead off the face at times.

In terms of performance, the LS delivered me with a high, penetrating launch and decent overall distance around the 215-yard mark.

The higher the launch angle meant more carry and better descending angles, aided by the VST in the crown and sole, and I received a pleasing narrow V dispersion pattern.


There are many reasons why Adams hybrids have been the #1 hybrid played on the PGA Tour since 2008. The sole reason for me is that they generate incredible performance and are easier to hit that many others out there

Pro Verdict - PGA pro Grant Guerin

The graphics are subtle enough that they aren’t distracting. When combined with the contrast of the black face, lighter topline and speed slot, I felt like they became an additional alignment tool. Not the longest distance but really easy to launch in the air and on the whole, accurate. Hard to fault. 

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